Friday Storm Chances Lead to Weekend Relief

Another weekend is upon us and I have good news: cooler weather will be here. I also have bad news: rain will be coming with it. Bad will turn to good though as Friday storm chances lead to weekend relief.

Basically like this. (MLB Advanced Media)

Friday No Longer Literally Frying

And we can thank the clouds for that. We got a nice break yesterday, even though some of those thunderstorms felled a few trees around the area. More of those thunderstorms will be possible today as we have a cold front bearing down on us.

Forecast surface map for 7am this morning. (WPC)

This cold front will be the focusing mechanism for waves of showers and thunderstorms throughout the day today. We’ll start out mostly cloudy throughout the morning hours, which should keep temperatures in check, before more robust thunderstorm development occurs in the afternoon. Some models are even hinting at a round of showers in the morning before the main round in the afternoon. Either way, we won’t be broiling like the last few days.

When the temperatures finally go down. (MLB Advanced Media)

With the scattered thunderstorm chances around, yes it will still be humid, but we’ll only get that high to around 85º or so this afternoon. Heat indices should still run about 90º to 95º but that’s a welcome sight compared to 105º like the past couple of days. Overnight, we’ll clear out and drop to around 61º for a low temperature, which will be quite refreshing.

A Pretty Sweet Saturday

BREAKING: Wonderful day ahead to start the weekend!

When the dew point’s back below 70º. (MLB Advanced Media)

High pressure is in control to begin the weekend and boy am I glad to see it coming from Canada this time.

Much like the distinguished gentleman in the gif above, the high pressure hails from Canada. (WPC)

Sunshine returns to the forecast as Saturday begins with mostly sunny skies and much lower humidity! Dew points will fall back to the noticeable-but-comparatively-refreshing mid-60s to go along with temperatures around 85º once again. Not much more to say here other than it’s finally feeling good enough to go outside again! Overnight temperatures fall back to around 65º under clear skies.

A Shower on Sunday?

Dew points will begin to slowly creep back up on Sunday as does the thermometer. We’ll look to top out around 90º for a high under partly cloudy skies. Can’t rule out a passing shower or storm as the high pressure from Saturday starts to mosey on to the east, but mostly heat will be settling back into the forecast. Not like we’ve had for the past couple of days but Sunday will be the beginning of the return of a typical summer pattern.

@MaNature (Giphy)

Overnight lows Sunday in the upper-60s Sunday night will give way to typically humid days hovering around the 90º mark as we begin the next week.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Friday!