Storm Train Continues Into The Weekend

After a prolonged stretch of sunny but hot and muggy weather, we’re finally getting some relief. However, this means more wet weather as the storm train continues into the weekend.

Rain Remains in Friday Forecast

and it stays mainly on the plain in Spain I mean, we’ll continue to deal with on and off storm chances throughout the day today.

When it won't stop raining. (Giphy)
When it won’t stop raining. (Giphy)

A low pressure system sitting over central Illinois will keep the weather unsettled to start our weekend.

Forecast surface map for early this afternoon. (WPC)
Forecast surface map for early this afternoon. (WPC)

With as much moisture and instability is in the atmosphere, scattered showers and thunderstorms seem like a good bet once again this afternoon. These storms could drop quite a bit of heavy rain as well. At least our temperatures won’t be as bad.

At least it won't be 90º. (Giphy/Simpsons World)
At least it won’t be 90º. (Giphy/Simpsons World)

The cloud cover will keep temperatures in check, with highs only around the 80º mark, but we could get those up a bit higher if we can get the sun to peek through as it did yesterday afternoon. It’ll still be quite muggy though…air you can wear indeed. As day turns to night, expect mid-to-upper-60s with showers decreasing.

A Slight Break for Saturday

We’ll spend much of Saturday in between weather systems…allowing the rain chances to dip but the temperatures to go back up.

Just trying to keep up with the changes in the forecast. (Giphy)
Just trying to keep up with the changes in the forecast. (Giphy)

While the current low pressure system will slide off to the east, another one is poised to move into the region for later in the weekend. This puts Saturday in a bit of a limbo as rain chances decrease, but don’t go away, and this will allow temperatures to reach more summer-y levels.

Hi-res NAM is expecting around 83º…maybe under-doing the sunshine a tad. (Pivotal Weather)

Highs will be in the 85º realm for the day on Saturday under partly cloudy skies. Storm chances will be around but not quite as widespread as today. Storm chances and coverage will be on the increase as we head later into the nighttime hours as that next weather system draws closer. Lows only around 70º as rain chances increase.

Distinct Lack of Sun for Sunday

Basically. (Giphy)

More numerous scattered showers and thunderstorms await us for Sunday, especially early in the day.

And, if the NAM is to be believed, right before sunrise. (Pivotal Weather)

The highest chances for the heaviest rain will stay early in the day but chances for scattered showers and storms will be with us in the afternoon as well. Depending on if we can clear out or not will determine if we can hit that high around 85º or not before we start to diminish those storm chances by nighttime and drop to a low near 70º.

A Peek into Next Week

Well, at this point, the rain looks to scoot on out of here as the heat and humidity build back in to kick off the week before those summer storm chances return.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Friday!