Two Hot Days Before A Slight Break In Temperature

Good morning, fellow Kentuckians! We are off to yet another hot and muggy start with a day shaping up to be just like the ones we have been experiencing. We are in for two more hot days before we will have a slight break in temperature.

Today will be very similar to yesterday. I am forecasting the high temperature to reach the low 90s with the low temperature only dropping to the low 70s. This means that the entirety of the day is going to be warm without a significant cooling-off period. Dew points will reach the 70s once again. These high dew points will cause it to be very muggy and uncomfortable outside. As for rain, it is looking like the best chance for it will occur in the early afternoon hours in the format of one of those pop-up showers that we have become so accustomed to. If you’re thinking about heading out to the pool this week, today might be your best bet as rain possibilities increase over the next couple of days.

Our current conditions are due to that high pressure system located to our southwest. (Pivotal Weather)
Head out to the pool today before rain chances increase tomorrow and Thursday. (giphy)


Wednesday will be a little bit cooler than today but not by much. The high is expected to reach the upper 80s and could potentially tip over into the 90s. The low will drop to only the low 70s once again with continued high dew points, which will cause another muggy day here in south-central Kentucky. Rain chances for Wednesday are looking more promising than they are for today. The best chance for a rain shower will be in the late afternoon and into the early evening hours.

Our rain chances will increase by Wednesday. (Pivotal Weather)
We’re rolling into another scorcher of a day. (giphy)


By Thursday we will have cooled off by quite a few degrees as we will finally see a break in the heat. The high for the day is expected to be about 82°, which will feel pretty good to us considering the temperatures we have been dealing with lately. The low will still only drop to the low 70s, but that break from high temperatures is much needed. Rain is still a possibility for Thursday. As of right now, it looks as if there could be scattered showers throughout the day.

A temperature of 82° is still warm, but it will feel much better than what we’ve been having. (Pivotal Weather)
There will finally be a little break in the heat! (giphy)

That does it for your Tuesday! If you are working outdoors, please remember to stay hydrated and wear plenty of sunscreen. In conditions like this, it does not take long to become dehydrated or sunburnt. Remember to check back with @wxornotBG for your live weather updates. Have a great day!