A Hot End to the Hot Weekend and Rain Ahead

A good Father’s Day to you all! Saturday was surely hot but surely fun, as well. Today will be a hot end to the hot weekend and rain ahead for the upcoming week.

I wish I was kidding but I'm not h/t giphy
I wish I was kidding h/t giphy

Today: A HOT Father’s Day

Current temperatures seems to be in the high-60s to low-70s across southcentral Kentucky.

Cureent Temperatures across Kentucky h/t Kentucky Mesonet
Cureent Temperatures across KY h/t Kentucky Mesonet

While we’re with family today, make sure to take frequent breaks inside (away from the heat) as both temperatures and humidity will be high. The temperature, humidity, and low winds make for an uncomfortable mix that we call a heat index. The high temperature is expected to hit around the mid-90s but the heat index should sit around 100° today.

yes, it is supposed to feel like 100 degrees today h/t giphy
yes, today is supposed to feel like 100 degrees h/t giphy

Make sure to reduce activities outside as much as possible; however, while outside, make sure to keep hydrated and seek for shade. Tonight, the skies will stay clear and temperatures will drop to the mid-70s.

Tomorrow: Possibility of Storms

Monday is expected to be hot but there are chances of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. Temperatures in the 90s and slight southeasterly winds all day. Tomorrow night will be cloudy for the most part and the winds will shift to a southwesterly direction.

Monday's Surface Map h/t WPC
Monday’s Surface Map h/t WPC

Rain and thunderstorms are expected for the rest of the week; maybe we’ll get some relief after all this heat. You all have a great day and make sure to keep updated on the latest weather by following @wxornotbg on Twitter.

See you later h/t giphy
See you later h/t giphy