Wet Wednesday Followed by Sizzling End of the Week

Normally when you think of a cold front, you’d expect things to cool down behind it but alas…this “cold front” will give us a wet Wednesday followed by a sizzling end of the week.

(Youtube/CGP Grey)

Rain? Yep, Still Here

After storms-o-plenty last night, the rain chances continue through the day, because we’re still trying to get this “cold front” through the region (air quotes optional). However, the good news is that the rain should be less widespread than yesterday.

When it’s not raining all afternoon. (Giphy)

Models at this point are suggesting that the greatest threat for storms should be later on in the day, especially in the afternoon and evening. And you know the drill, any storm that pops could have some locally heavy rainfall, brief damaging wind gusts and small hail.

This afternoon’s forecast surface map. (WPC)

Outside of any storms, the heat will be with us once again around the area, with high temperatures reaching around 86º but dew points will remain in the lower 70s, making it feel like it’s closer to the mid-90s. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water if you plan to be outside at all today. Only around 70º for a low tonight as storms begin to dissipate.

Dry but Hot Weather Enters the Picture

The good news is that the rain is gone. The bad news is that the heat and humidity are still here.

When the cold front is gone but your phone still says it’s gonna be almost 90º out. (Giphy)

The issue is that behind the front, there’s not a nice Canadian airmass under a dome of high pressure but more of the same that we’ve been dealing with, just no trigger to fire thunderstorms. This means mostly sunny skies and muggy conditions again.

Okay, there’s a high pressure but the air’s still not from Canada. (WPC)

This means mostly sunny skies, just with some fair weather clouds out there, while temperatures soar back to around 89º for a high on Thursday afternoon with a distinct lack of strong breeze to even mix the air. Temperatures drop to around 65º at night, so at least it’s not completely miserable.

Toastiness Continues Friday


Still under high pressure but with more sunshine will give us temperatures once again around that 90º mark but with humidity levels that will make it feel like the upper-90s. You’re going to be wishing even for a cloud to pass by if you’re outside and hope you can get a bit of relief.

But looking ahead to the weekend, the hot weather looks to continue through the weekend and into early next week with thermometers parked near 90º until the rain chances arrive back in the forecast early next week.

That just about does it for me! Remember to drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks if you have to be outside for any extended period of time. And if you’ve got the little or furry ones with you, remember to always check the back seat. Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Friday!