Summer is Back This Weekend And So Are Rain Chances

A quiet and comfortable week so far is about to give way to a more summer-like pattern as temperatures and humidity levels begin to increase because summer is back this weekend and so are rain chances.

A Dry Day for Friday

Well, precipitation-wise that is…the air is going to have quite a bit of moisture in it.

Flip your hair while you can, before the frizz sets in. (MLB Advanced Media)

The high pressure that gave us the comfortable conditions earlier this week has shifted east, leaving us with southwesterly flow, bringing in heat and humidity from the Gulf of Mexico. And that’s all ahead of our next storm system.

This morning’s forecast surface map. (WPC)

With the system still off to the west, this means hazy but mostly sunny skies prevail today. What will also be prevailing is the heat…with that sunshine in place, expect highs to approach the 90º mark through the afternoon. With dew point values reaching near 65º (which is just solidly in the muggy zone), it’s going to be a great day to head to the pool, but don’t forget the sunscreen…additionally, if you’re doing any work outside, make sure to drink plenty of water. And always check the back seat.

Essentially. (Giphy)

Luckily, under partly cloudy skies at night, we’ll cool off, but only to a low around 68º.

Scattered Stormy Saturday

Rain reenters the picture as we get the weekend kicked off on Saturday. The atmosphere remains muggy as the dew point climbs closer to that sultry 70º mark, only increasing the misery factor. We’ll shave a degree or two off temperatures though with clouds around the area…but they’ll be associated with scattered storms.

I feel ya, Dusty. (Giphy/MLB Advanced Media)

High temperatures will top out around 89º, but we’ll get some relief from those scattered storms, if you happen to get under one.

NAM thinks not a washout…but some of those scattered storms will be possible in the afternoon. (Pivotal Weather)

Otherwise, another hot and muggy afternoon out there. Once we get those storms out of here by the overnight, we’ll only get down to a low of around 70º. So goes it in the summer.

Soggy Sunday…Spilling Over Into Next Week

We’ll keep the wet weather in the forecast to close out the weekend, with a slightly better chance of scattered storms as that weather system moves over us.

Your reaction, Ben Zobrist? (MLB Advanced Media)

Temperatures will be just slightly cooler, only around 87º because of the increased cloud cover that comes with increased scattered thunderstorm chances. Any thunderstorm, despite our chances for severe weather not being great, could produce a brief strong wind gust and quick street flooding, so be on the lookout.

Yep. Finally that time of year. (Giphy)

Typical summertime pattern beginning to settle into the region, with upper-80s temperatures and scattered storm chances, especially as we head into early next week. It appears about a week after meteorological summer began, we’re finally feeling it in full force.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Friday!