Sunshine For The Rest Of The Week

Beautiful weather thru Wednesday, before oppressive heat & humidity return. Storm chances arrive this weekend. Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Good morning and happy Tuesday! We are headed into another beautiful day that will be jam packed with sunshine for the rest of the week, less humid air and no precipitation.

A high pressure system was centered right over southwestern Kentucky earlier this morning and is bringing us beautiful conditions.

We owe our beautiful weather to that high pressure system. (Pivotal Weather)

The high temperature for today will top out in the mid-80s while the low is expected to dip to the low-60s. We will be taking a much needed break from the humid air thanks to lower dew points than we have seen in quite a while. There is no expected precipitation, so get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Get those shades ready! (giphy)


Wednesday is going to be almost exactly the same as today. That high pressure system will still be influencing our weather by bringing us picture perfect conditions once again.

A high pressure system will still be influencing the area.

The high temperature will once again reach the mid-80s with the low temperature dropping to the low-60s. Dew points will remain more relaxed again, which will continue our break from the humid air. No precipitation is in the forecast for Wednesday, so get outside and soak up more of that sunshine.

Another sunny day is in the cards. (giphy)


You all won’t believe this, but we are going to have another day of beautiful, sunny weather. The high temperature will reach the mid-80s while the low will reach the upper-50s. The dew point temperature will remain low enough for the air to be comfortable instead of humid. Once again, no precipitation is expected.

Yet another day of beautiful weather is expected on Thursday. (Pivotal Weather)
Did you say it’s going to be a day full of sunshine and no rain? (giphy)

I hope you all enjoy these days full of sunshine because they are going to be beautiful. Make sure to follow @wxornotBG for all of your live weather updates. Have a great day!