Late Night Storm Chance Interrupts A Nice Weekend

After a day of drying out yesterday, today will follow a similar pattern but we’re not quite done with the rain yet as one more round of the soggy stuff looks to move through tonight. Otherwise, the next few days look high and dry as a late night storm chance interrupts a nice weekend.

Mostly Dry Saturday

We start Saturday off mild but mostly sunny to kick off the weekend proper. Chance for some patchy fog, especially if you managed to catch a glancing blow from an isolated storm last night. But for many of us, just dealing with the mild and muggy air.

When it’s stupid muggy outside. (Giphy)

With much more sunshine expected than yesterday, we will likely make a run at that 90º mark that we couldn’t quite get to yesterday. A muggy 90º it will be too because any showers and storms will wait until after sunset before making an appearance.

Forecast surface map for this evening. (WPC)

Showers and thunderstorms will be ongoing ahead of this last storm system moving through the plains states and into the Mississippi Valley tomorrow into tomorrow night. These will eventually fall apart into more of a scattered variety as we head towards daybreak on Sunday.

The NAM paints storms to our north at around 1am sinking this way. (Pivotal Weather)

Can’t rule out a strong wind gust or two but widespread severe weather isn’t expected. Even with the rainfall, we’ll still stay around 70º for a low.

Sunday Becomes Comfortable

The cold front will sweep through the region early in the day and the real effect of those northwesterly winds will kick in as we cool down to comfortable levels and we start to scour out that humidity.

When the dew point settles in the lower 60s. (Giphy)

High pressure takes control and that means mostly sunny skies. We should be around 81º for tomorrow afternoon, maybe a couple degrees higher if we can clear those clouds out quicker in the morning.

I’ve missed you, Big Blue H. (WPC)

As we lower those dew points, that means we can also start decreasing those nighttime temperatures as well. With mostly clear skies, we’ll settle right around 60º.

More of the Same for Monday

High pressure remains in place as we start the workweek and that means, you guessed, more sunshine and great weather.

Basically. (NBA/Giphy)

Mostly sunny skies stay with us, the humidity stays in comfortable territory and highs stay around the 80º mark. Lows at night will make a run at a cool 60º…maybe even upper-50s in some spots! Certainly not bad for a Monday, eh?

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Saturday!