Weekend Weather Improving but Rain Still Possible

After a bit of a bumpy night last night, we say farewell to the severe weather but the wet weather isn’t quite done yet as we see weekend weather improving but rain still possible.

Lingering Storminess for Friday

We’ll get those thunderstorms from last night out of here as we work through the day today.


The only issue is that we’re not quite done with storm chances as we have another front to get through that will bring us scattered showers and thunderstorms into the afternoon hours today.

Forecast surface map for this evening. (WPC)

And while we won’t have the ingredients for these thunderstorms to reach severe levels, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that they could drop quite a bit of rain in a short amount of time, so watch for ponding on roadways. One good thing about these storms is that if you get under one, you may see that temperature knocked down a bit from the high of around 90º expected today. Thunderstorms start to fade tonight, but we stay around 70º for a low.

Little Bit of Drying Out

Saturday will certainly be the driest of our weekend says but unfortunately won’t be the coolest. We still have the muggy airmass in place and that will lead to quite the miserable feel as temperatures soar to near 90º once again with mostly sunny skies.

You can have dry weather or comfortable temperatures…but not both. (Giphy)

But there is more relief on the horizon as clouds will begin to thicken ahead of another weathermaker poised to enter the region tomorrow night. We’ll watch what’s left of a complex of thunderstorms from the midwest roll into the region late tomorrow night and into early Sunday, finally starting to scour out what’s left of the humidity. Lows remain stuffy tomorrow night, still near 70º.

Sunshine Returns Sunday

We’ll finally be on the backside of that cold front, with northwesterly winds meaning absolutely beautiful weather will return!

When you step outside on Sunday afternoon. (Giphy)

Northwesterly winds will bring cooler and dryer air from the northern plains and Canada down into our region, moderating our high temperatures and getting rid of that humidity. It won’t happen instantly, but the humidity should return to comfortable levels as we head through the afternoon, with highs right around 82º. Lows at night will respond to the lower humidity as well as we make a run for 60º late Sunday night!

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Friday!