Muggy With More Chances Of Showers And Thunderstorms

Good morning, everyone! Today will be another muggy day much like the ones we have been experiencing recently. The temperature today will reach nearly 90 degrees and the low will only dip down to the upper-60s.

High temperatures for the day. (Pivotal Weather)

The mugginess is because of the continued high dew points, which will be in the 70s. There is a possibility of precipitation but anything severe does not look promising. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible later in the afternoon, but the beginning of the day looks rather dry with some cloud cover.

Partly cloudy skies will hopefully provide some shade. (giphy)


Monday will be very similar to today except for the addition of more scattered showers and thunderstorms. The high for the day will reach the mid-80s and the low will still be in the 70s. Dew points will be in the 70s once again. This will cause us to have another day full of muggy temperatures because of all the moisture in the air.

High temperatures for Monday. (Pivotal Weather)

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected throughout the middle of the day. The afternoon hours look to be drier as the skies remain cloudy but the showers and thunderstorms move out of the area.

Enjoy those thunderstorms like Andy Dufresne. (giphy)

Winds will remain rather slow, so do not expect much of a breeze on this muggy day.

There won’t be much of a breeze today. (giphy)


Tuesday will be another day much like today and Monday. The high temperature will reach the mid-80s and the low temperature will drop down to the mid-60s.

High temperatures for the day. (Pivotal Weather)

With dew point temperatures reaching the 70s once again, the air will feel very muggy because of all the moisture it is holding. Scattered thunderstorms across the area are once again a possibility.

More rain is on the way. (giphy)

That does it for the weekend! If you’re headed out, grab your umbrella and keep it handy just in case you encounter one of those pop-up showers. Follow @wxornotBG to get the latest weather updates. Have a great Sunday!