Sunshine and More Sunshine This Week

Sunny skies accompany a major warm up this week; rain chances arrive Friday. Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Monday, April 30, 2018

Good morning to everyone! I hope you are noticing the sunshine outside. Sunshine and more sunshine this week. Expect a sunny sky with maybe a cloud or two.

Current Temperatures - Kentucky Mesonet
Current Temperatures – Kentucky Mesonet

Today’s high temperature is in the mid-70s. Today may get pretty hot; not much wind to cool us off. A high-pressure system is a reason for this gorgeous weather; it will be sitting over our area for a few days. Tonight’s temperature will dip in the lower-50s.

Today's Surface Map - NOAA
Today’s Surface Map – NOAA


Tuesday’s Forecast : More Sunshine

Things are going to heat up tomorrow. The high for Tuesday is expected to hit the 80s. Break out your sunscreen and shades, it’s going to be hot. The center of the high-pressure system will be over the East coast. The clockwise wind flow means warm, southern winds for our region.

Get your favorite sunnies and get outside - GIPHY
Get your favorite sunnies and get outside – GIPHY

Tuesday night’s sky will have some cloud coverage and the low temperatures will decrease into the 60s.


Wednesday’s Forecast : Even More Sunshine

Tuesday is going to be a great day, however, I am thinking Wednesday may have it beat. Wednesday’s temperature is expected to reach for the mid-80s.There is also a slight chance of thunderstorms throughout the day. As the night approaches, temperatures will cool into the high-60s.

The Rest of Your Week

The sunny trend will come to an end this Thursday. A cold front will be moving into our area; showers and thunderstorms are expected. The high for Thursday will be in the 80s. Thunderstorm chances will continue into the night and the low temperature will be in the low-60s. However, sunshine and more sunshine for this week when Saturday and Sunday roll around. The rain will clear up and another high-pressure system will make its way into our area.


You all have a great start to the week. Make sure to keep updated through our live weather feed @wxornotbg.