Showers Are Back to Finish the Weekend

Man, those last two days were pretty nice, weren’t they? Temperatures closer to seasonal averages and mostly sunny skies…unfortunately I come bearing bad news: showers are back to finish the weekend.

Sogginess Returns Today

Mother Nature making fun of us for enjoying the nice weather. (Giphy)

A system that started moving toward us during the day yesterday begins more directly affecting our weather today as skies will go overcast to start our Sunday.

Blame this guy. (Weather Prediction Center)

Models have been shifting around the timing with this but it would appear at this point that the rain chance will be higher the later into the day we go, with the best chances coming during the afternoon and evening hours.

The Hi-Res NAM likes the rain chances starting during the afternoon and lasting into the overnight. (Pivotal Weather)

In addition to the rain, thanks to the position of the low pressure driving these showers, we’ll face stiff easterly breezes throughout the day and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a few higher gusts.

Temperatures will definitely be held down by the cloudy skies, only around 60º for a high and we’ll only drop to around 55º for a low with overnight showers.

Monday, Same as Sunday

That low pressure will still be around for the day tomorrow as well…and that means more rain.

Tucker Barnhart would like Mother Nature to keep the rain chances low. Much like his team winning a game, it probably won’t happen. (MLB Advanced Media)

Luckily, rain chances will begin to go down during the day tomorrow though, so there is light at the end of this tunnel.

In fact, the hi-res NAM is suggesting just scattered showers by late tomorrow. (Pivotal Weather)

As rain chances creep down, temperatures will slowly creep up. With those breezy easterly winds still with us, we’ll be able to warm to around the 65º mark but we will be able to drop down to around 55º again as we’ll still have the clouds overnight but we’ll get the showers out of here.

Tuesday? Mostly Dry.

At least we have some improvement.


At this point, showers will likely be exiting the region during the early morning hours, leaving mostly cloudy skies in their wake. With maybe a couple of late day sun rays, we might just manage to hit 65º again. Winds should calm down as well, allowing that nighttime low to make a run down to 50º again.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Sunday!