Breezy Friday Leads to a Wet and Cooler Weekend

Sunny, windy & warm today; strong storms, heavy rain anticipated Saturday. Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Friday, April 13, 2018

Outside of the breeziness, yesterday was quite the nice weather day with temperatures exceeding the 80º mark under brilliantly sunny skies. A nice (breezy) spring day. The wind won’t die down but the day should be similar to today as a breezy Friday leads to a wet and cooler weekend.

Friday Breeziness

The one bad thing about Friday is that it’s probably going to be a bad hair day.

Basically. (Giphy/TV Land)
Basically. (Giphy/TV Land)

Winds will continue to howl out of the south during the day today between 15-30 MPH with gusts that could approach 35 MPH throughout the day. Add this to low relative humidity values and warm temperatures and you have a good recipe for wildfires. Refrain from doing any burning outdoors today as anything that gets going could start to spread quickly.

Highs will once again make a run at 80º today with that strong southerly flow in place ahead of our next storm system, a strong low pressure center spinning over the central plains with a stout cold front giving them a decent risk for severe thunderstorms.

Forecast surface map this afternoon. (WPC)

Clouds will be on the increase as day turns to night and the storms along the front begin to inch closer. Lows at night will only reach down to about 60º, with showers entering the picture late.

Saturday Soggies

A couple of rounds of showers and thunderstorms will be possible during our day on Saturday. One will try to move in early in the morning around 7 AM. These will be what remains of the storms over the plains today and might contain some rumblers but nothing too bad.

How the NAM thinks tomorrow morning goes. (Pivotal Weather)

The question for the rest of the day is whether or not we stay under clouds and showers. If we can do that, our high will top out only around 65º or so vs. if we keep the showers at bay and the high will be a little closer to 70º. Either way, it looks like we’ll have another wave of thunderstorms move in during the evening hours tomorrow.

How the NAM sees tomorrow evening. (Pivotal Weather)

It doesn’t look like things will get too rough and rowdy severe weather-wise. A strong storm can’t be ruled out but conditions will be better for that closer to the low pressure over Illinois/Indiana and into the deep south where better ingredients are available.

Tomorrow’s severe weather outlook. (Storm Prediction Center)

Showers will continue through tomorrow night with a cooler low around 50º.

Showers Linger into Sunday

Temperatures on Sunday will struggle to reach 60º as we struggle to clear the clouds and showers out of the area. We’ll try to get those out of here by late in the day on Sunday as the front finally moves through. At that point, we head back into the chill as winds shift to the northwest behind the front, knocking lows Sunday night back down into the mid-30s. And if we have any wraparound moisture in place? Don’t be shocked to see a flurry or two very early Monday morning.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest. Have a terrific Friday!