Chance of Severe Weather, Rainy Midweek

Strong/severe storm chances today; light snow possible late Tuesday!? Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday Madness

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day. It seems like we had the luck of the Irish with us for the great weather over the weekend, however, our luck may change today. There is a chance of severe weather for our region and the southern part of the United States.

The Storm Prediction Center issued a marginal risk for the southcentral Kentucky area. A sliver of southern Kentucky, however, does seem to be under a Slight risk.

SPC - Monday
SPC – Monday h/t NOAA

Starting from the top of the atmosphere, we have a Zonal (West to East) jet streak across the southern half of the US. This will be the driving force for the Low-pressure system that will be making its way through the Ohio River Valley tonight.

The zonal wind flow above will contrast with the lower, counterclockwise wind flow from the Low-pressure system. The change in wind direction with height will create wind shear throughout our atmosphere. Wind shear is a key ingredient for an unstable atmosphere.

500 millibar Jet Stream - Monday h/t COD
500 millibar Jet Stream – Monday h/t COD

The counterclockwise wind flow from the Low will carry ample moisture into our region. The added moisture mixed with heat will create more instability for the environment.

Surface Map - Monday h/t NWS
Surface Map – Monday h/t NWS

Furthermore, the warm front extending from the low will push northward. It is uncertain to how much the front will actually push into our region. The severity will depend on how far north the front will push.

Temperature NAM 3 km - Monday 21Z (3 pm) h/t pivotal weather
Temperature NAM 3 km – Monday 21Z (3 pm) h/t pivotal weather

The high for today will reach the mid-50s and rain is expected throughout the day, so have that rain jacket handy.

Monday may be as crazy as this March Madness Tournament!!


Tuesday’s Forecast: Rain

The low-pressure system will move on through and start bringing in cool air with its northerly winds. Rain is expected sometime in the afternoon. The temperature will rise to the high 40s and the rain will eventually turn into snow as the temperature approaches the freezing point during the night. Stay warm out there!

Rainy Midweek

The chance of snow from Tuesday night will continue into Wednesday morning. As soon as the temperature starts to warm, rain will appear once again. The high for Wednesday will be in the mid-40s, and clouds will cover the sky.

Me on Wednesday! h/t
Me on Wednesday! h/t

We have a severe start to the week and a cold and rainy midweek. There will be a slight break from the rain on Thursday, however, rain is expected to pick back up again on Friday.

Have a great week! h/t

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