Snow to Start the Week

Snow Moving Out; Improvements Ahead. Full details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Monday, March 12, 2018

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Parts of Kentucky received some snowfall overnight. The following map shows the latest band of snow sweeping over Kentucky. This can cause a slick commute for those heading to work or school. Be careful and watch for slick spots on the road!

Base Reflectivity - h/t NWS Louisville Radar
Base Reflectivity – h/t NWS Louisville Radar

Looks like some cool temperatures to start off this Monday morning.

Current Temps - h/t Mesonet
Current Temps – h/t Mesonet

The high for today is expected to reach the high 40s. A clear day is ahead with just a few clouds in the sky. The clouds will roll in this evening along with light winds. Tonight, temperatures are going to plunge into the 30s,  which will allow for flurries throughout the night.

Sunday gave us snow to start the week, however, a high-pressure system is moving in, creating a chance for clear and chilly rest of the week.


Tomorrow is going to be similar to today, with a high in the 40s and cold, northwesterly winds. Last night’s weather maker will make its way out to the Northeast and create high snowfall amounts throughout its path.WPC - Tuesday 6 AM

Surface Chart Tuesday 6am h/t WPC
Surface Chart Tuesday 6 AM –  h/t WPC

Temperatures will be dropping for the second night in a row, the lowest temperature expected to hit the mid-20s. There is a slight chance of precipitation, as well. Rain might start out but then turn to snow as the temperature lowers below the freezing point.


Wednesday isn’t much different from Tuesday. The highest temperature will sit in the low-40s  and the sun will be shining in the sky along with a few clouds. Believe it or not, there is a chance of flurries.

Me talking to the weather - h/t giphy
Me talking to the weather about all the snow! – h/t

And for the Rest of Your Week…

Overall temperatures will rise and sit in the mid-50s for the rest of the week. Next Sunday is expected to have a high in the mid-60s. Our region is predicted to receive small amounts of precipitation here and there, thankfully, it will result in rainfall instead of snow. Spring break has me in the mood for spring weather; I am over the snow!

Peace out snow, bring on the warmer weather! - h/t
Peace out, snow, bring on the warmer weather! – h/t

That is all I have for you all. Have a good one folks! Be sure to follow our real-time weather feed, @wxornotBG, for the latest information.