Warm Pattern Continues, With Heavy Rain on the way


Another day of record warmth; showers, storms, FLOODING concerns follow.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Good morning folks! I can assure you that I have spring fever about as bad as ever right now. We broke our record high yesterday, and are looking at that again today. Overall, the warm pattern continues, with heavy rain on the way!

Record High Expected to Drop

Folks, our record high for today is 76°F, set last year. I think it is almost a surefire bet that we are going to set a new record today.

*Me looking at the old record high*  h/t giphy.com
*Me looking at the old record high*
h/t giphy.com

First of all, we are already starting the day off warm. Temperatures are near 64°F this morning as you get ready to head out the door to work and school.

h/t KY Mesonet
h/t KY Mesonet

Southwesterly flow will increase through this morning and this afternoon, and we should see quite the windy afternoon.

It is gonna be WARM and breezy today! h/t pivotalweather.com

We should be seeing gusts of wind in the 20-30 mph range this afternoon, and this kind of flow will help us warm quite a bit. I think we are looking at a high of around 82°F this afternoon. The all-time record high for February is 83°F!

Yeah, I can't believe it either. h/t giphy.com
Yeah, I can’t believe it either. h/t giphy.com

Yeah, that is crazy. High clouds should be increasing throughout the day, but the sunshine certainly will help things warm up today.

Clouds are far to our west and are moving north-northeast. They’ll be here by this afternoon and evening. h/t COD Weather

Clouds thicken up overnight ahead of the slow moving cold front for Wednesday.

Gloomy and Cooler Wednesday and Thursday

The cold front is poised to move through between 7 and 9 am Wednesday morning, ushering in a much cooler air mass.

The cold front will be pushing out our unseasonably warm air and replacing it with....seasonal air. h/t pivotalweather.com
The cold front will be pushing out our unseasonably warm air and replacing it with….seasonal air. h/t pivotalweather.com

This cold front will also give us the forcing we needed to get the rainfall that has been well advertised. The first bit of rainfall should arrive early to mid morning on Wednesday. This is still up in the air, as some models have it moving slower.

*Reaction any time the models are frustrating* h/t giphy.com

Highs will likely be hit just after midnight or in the early morning hours of Wednesday, as temps are expected to fall into the low and mid 50s during the afternoon.

h/t giphy.com

The heaviest rainfall is expected to move into the region by late Wednesday morning and into the afternoon. Some rumbles of thunder can’t be ruled out, but nothing severe is expected.

h/t giphy.com
h/t giphy.com

Expect rainfall to continue into Wednesday night and Thursday. Rumbles of thunder and heavy rain are possible with this rainfall as well.

h/t giphy.com
h/t giphy.com

Highs Thursday will likely rise around 58°F-60°F regionwide. Another warm up is expected on Friday with more rain chances ahead of more significant rain expected over the weekend.

Heavy rainfall is expected over the next 7 days across the region.
Heavy rainfall is expected over the next 7 days across the region.

Stay up to date with the latest information by following our real-time weather feed @wxornotBG. Have a great Tuesday everyone!