Roller Coaster Pattern This Week

Sunny & cold today; warm up Wednesday. Rain to snow transition possible Thursday into Friday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cold Tuesday

Well, we have awoken to chilly temps across the region. Some of us also have some low level clouds, but those are anticipated to clear out soon.

h/t COD Weather

Those clouds really kept the bottom from dropping out last night, as those to our northwest without cloud cover saw temps drop into the teens for lows.

The lows across the state this morning. h/t KY Mesonet

Today looks to remain largely cold, but with mostly sunny skies. Highs should be around 36°F-37°F across the region today.


Atmospheric Flame Thrower Wednesday

On Wednesday, we begin to set up shop ahead of our next weather maker on Thursday and Friday. A surface low will be centered across the Great Lakes region, with a cold front gradually sagging southeast. This will set up southwesterly flow.

The southwesterly flow will help to warm us up quite a bit tomorrow. h/t

Southwesterly flow almost always warms us up. With most temperature gradients ahead of a front like this, it is the most effective way to advect warm air.

Southwesterly flow, basically. h/t

When we have sunshine for much of the day, it only enhances the temperature rise. I think highs tomorrow will reach around 57°F region wide, but we may take a run at 60°F in some spots.


It will also be a bit breezy out there. Models are indicating that we could have some wind gusts in the 20-25 mph range tomorrow afternoon. Be sure to hang onto your hats!


Cloudy, Gloomy Thursday

Thursday will be an odd day. For several days last week, the models were indicating a winter weather threat for Thursday and Friday, and they completely dropped the idea about two days ago.

Me watching the models drop this event. h/t

Yeah, it was odd. But, now we are just looking at the likelihood of rainfall ahead of a cold front across the region. Models are even split on how much we will get, too.


I think the best chances for rain on Thursday will be from around 10 am through 2 pm, and 0.25-0.5″ looks the range of precipitation we should see out of this.

The GFS is a bit more aggressive on the precipitation, and with the dyanmics associated with this system, I am leaning that way for now. h/t PIvotalweather

If we are lucky, cold air could rush in behind the cold front fast enough to potentially change rain to snow, but this looks brief. I’m not expecting any accumulations at this time.

No snow accumulations? I feel like this guy. (Giphy/Nat Geo)

Highs should be in the 40s on Thursday before falling quickly behind the cold front into the mid teens Friday morning. So to sum it up, this is what this week should look like from a temperature perspective:


That is all I have, folks!Be sure to check out our live twitter feed @wxornotBG and Landon Hampton on Facebook for the latest Bowling Green weather information. Have a great day!