Cold Conditions Continue with Rebound on the Horizon

Few snowflakes early today; wintry mix possible late Sunday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Friday, 5 January 2018

Frigid Friday on the Way

Another wickedly cold start to our Friday, a trend that’s only going to stay with us throughout the day.

Yeah, I know. (Giphy)

Mostly sunny once again for the day today but we can’t rule out a flurry or two out the door this morning. Even with the sunshine, cold northerly winds will keep our high around 25º, with wind chill values starting in the single digits and climbing only into the mid-teens. Keep the heavy coats, gloves and scarves handy.

As day turns to night, it’ll stay cold and mostly clear with a low temperature back in the single digits, around 5º thanks to much less cloud cover in the region. Wind chills should once again hover around 0º tonight.

Slightly Warmer for Saturday

But, I bring forth good news. High pressure that has placed us in it’s clutches for the past couple of days is finally letting go somewhat. As it slides off during the east tomorrow, it will allow our winds to shift from the chilly northwest to a somewhat warmer southwesterly direction.

Tomorrow evening’s forecast surface map. (Weather Prediction Center)

This southerly wind should bring us slightly milder conditions as we head into the overnight tomorrow night. Lows should stay around 15º with clouds on the increase as another system heads in our direction.

Warmer but Still Wintry on Sunday

Here’s where the forecast becomes a bit more complicated.


A storm system will begin to approach the area during the day on Sunday and the day itself will be mostly cloudy but as the system draws closer, a smattering of rain may overtake the region on Sunday afternoon. And anything that falls will be rain, temperatures will soar (at last compared to the past few days) above freezing to around 40º during the day.

Secure your newsprint, we may reach 40º. (Giphy)

It becomes a bit more interesting at night when more moisture will be available for a bit more precipitation that may fall as rain, snow or sleet. That’s right, lows will fall to around the freezing mark, which would allow anything wintry aloft to make it to the ground still frozen.

NAM hinting at a bit of wintry fun Sunday night. (Giphy)

At this point, it doesn’t look like anything too major but watch for an isolated slick spot or two early Monday.

Looks Warmer Beyond Weekend

After a truly brutal week temperature wise, the new week thankfully looks warmer. Highs again near 40º as showers finally exit on Monday with readings near 50º late next week!

That just about does it for me! Thanks for checking into wxornotBG this morning, and be sure to follow @wxornotBG on Twitter for real-time weather updates. Have a terrific Friday!