Wicked, Dangerous Cold Continues

COLD again today, but a brief "warm up" Wednesday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Folks, it is Ridiculously Cold

If you went outside right now, you would see that it is clear as a bell above us. Not a cloud in sight, and this was significant to our cooling. We were able to cool to the negatives because of the clearing!

It is very, very cold outside. h/t KY Mesonet

That’s right; -1°F here in BG! In northern KY, the temps are around -8°F or -9°F, with wind chills near -15°F. It is absolutely ridiculous.

h/t giphy.com

Despite plenty of sunshine this afternoon, we are only looking to get up around 20°F for a high temperature. I guess you could say that is a bit warmer than where we have been, but I would say that you are crazy.

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It’s Still Looking Frigid

We are looking at maybe a brief warm up tomorrow. Some models have us reaching 32°F, but I don’t buy it because its looking like we’ll have cloud cover across the region.

The NAM model is showing clouds for a decent bit of time tomorrow. h/t COD Weather

I expect a high around 29°F. If we don’t hit 32°F tomorrow, though, Sunday is the next chance we have at hitting it, because Thursday gets back to being frigid!

h/t giphy.com
h/t giphy.com

We’ll see clouds clear tomorrow night, as well, so we should see another plunge into the single digits as another cold air mass marches in. I would expect lows around 9°F or 10°F by Friday morning.

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Long Range Looks up and Down

I’ll mention this here because it is worth discussing: we really only look to hit temperatures greater than 32°F a couple of times between now and this time next week. Those look to be at least Sunday and Monday of next week.

The European model is forecasting temps to finally get above 32 by early next week. h/t wx.graphics

After that, we look to be in a pattern of up and downs as systems roll through here. Rain should accompany the Sunday/Monday system, with very cold air behind it. Can we time this well and get a storm track to our south? Hopefully (I want snow).

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