Foggy This Morning, Rain on the way, Christmas Weather

Dreary conditions continue today; widespread rain tonight into Wednesday. White Christmas still up in the air…

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

It is Foggy This Morning

Most of us are waking up to coolish temps this morning, but the bigger deal is the current fog outside. While there is no dense fog advisory (visibility is >1/4 miles), dense fog is possible during your morning commute.

Oh yeah. It’s foggy. h/t

As we warm up later this morning, this should just give way to mostly cloudy skies.

Rain is on the way

Take the headline for exactly what it is worth. We are looking at a low pressure system approaching the region this afternoon and tonight.

The low pressure is beginning to take shape to our southwest. h/t SPC

This is expected to bring rainfall into the region by this evening, and this should last through early tomorrow afternoon. The heaviest rainfall looks to occur around here between 3 am and 9 am tomorrow.

The heavy rainfall should move in this evening (6-8 pm), and peak in intensity tomorrow morning. h/t

Because of the clouds and rain, neither today nor tomorrow look very warm. Today, we should get into the upper 40s and lower 50s for highs. Tomorrow? Only mid 40s.


Overall, just a dreary system. Put this system in mid-January with a colder air mass, and we would have ourselves a solid snow maker. Alas; it won’t be that. However, expect 0.5″-1″ of precipitation, with higher amounts just to our south.

The WPC forecast for rainfall the next 3 days. h/t WPC

Late Week Into Christmas Weekend

Thursday is really kind of a transition day, if you want to call it that. Ahead of the developing weekend weather maker, we’ll see highs creep back up into the okay-niceish range.

We’re serious.

Highs on Thursday should be in the mid 50s. Clouds will begin moving in on late Thursday, and should be here with the arrival of precipitation sometime on Friday.


The models are in consistent on precipitation chances Friday, but I would expect to see heavy precipitation at some point on Friday or Friday afternoon as the front and upper level support makes its way towards the region.

The cold front should be approacing late on Friday. h/t

Despite this, highs Friday are anticipated to be in the 60s. Be ready for that. Its the last sign of warm you’ll see outside for a long time.


And for our snow chances this weekend? Those chances continue to dwindle. There are far fetched scenarios where we see *some* snow flakes, but those are going to be difficult to realize.

The way Clark felt in this scene is how I feel when I look in the long range and see no signs of significant snowfall. h/t

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