It Feels a lot Like Christmas Outside

If it is Going to be This Cold, at Least let it Snow

Gotta get this off my chest. I can discuss the pretty bland and bleh forecast here in a second. As all of you know, it has been quite cold since Tuesday. What you may not know is the extent of that cold. It has been cold all across the eastern US.


You know what that has led to? A 10″ snowfall in Georgia. GEORGIA of all places! Many other places across the south saw some of their highest December snowfall totals of all time, and I am just very jealous at this point. Its looking like Christmas there!

It is cold here, and we have yet to see any snowfall from it. Can we please benefit from the cold that we have in place? Sigh.


Quite the Chilly Graduation Weather

You’ll be waking up this morning to some of the coldest air of the season thus far. Temperatures are well into the lower 20s and upper teens across the region.

Temperatures are *cold* this morning. Make the coffee, watch the sunrise, and get ready for another cold day. h/t KY Mesonet

This occurred due to clear skies last night that developed in between systems. By mid-morning, clouds will already be streaming back, in association with a system propagating eastward.

h/t COD Weather

This was system will create another bleh day across the region for graduation Saturday at WKU. Cloudy skies, cold temperatures, and very light snow showers. The snow isn’t likely, either.

*Waiting for snow like*

Just expect highs to stay in the 30s, and maybe 40 at the highest.

“Warm Up” to Start the Work Week

Sunday will, again, be kinda cold. I mean, to be fair, it really is starting to feel like Christmas. But it has looked nothing like Christmas yet, at least.


Expect highs up in the lower 40s during the day Sunday, which is a respectable change from what we have seen. Partly cloudy skies will dominate sensible weather, so it’ll be pretty nice out.

When it warms up a bit. (Giphy/Netflix)

By Monday, we have hit a full on heat wave. We’re anticipating highs in the mid 50s, under partly sunny skies. Break out the shorts and t-shirts folks, its gonna be warm!


By Tuesday, that has completely worn off and we are back into Christmas Vacation cold, with cloudy skies and temps in the low 30s.

We’re serious.

I wanna say a quick congratulations to our own Jessica Dobson, who is graduating from WKU this afternoon! She is an awesome part of the WON team, and I know I can speak for the other forecasters in saying we are all happy for her!

Y’all, thats all I have this morning! Have a safe Saturday, and be sure to follow @wxornotBG Twitter for real-time weather updates.