Get Ready for a Wild Weather Week

Warm Sunday and Monday

Ahh yes, the calm before the storm. It is cold this morning, but the atmosphere is setting us up folks! This afternoon’s warmth will not last much longer.


But, for today and tomorrow, it is gonna feel more like early Spring than late Fall. Today, we won’t have much in the way of winds, but with ample sunshine, we should easily hit the low to mid 60s for highs. Just go ahead and plan to go outside.

*Going outside like*

Tomorrow? It is looking quite warm. Breezy south to southwesterly flow should allow us to see temps rise into the upper 60s, maybe even to 70.

Same, man.

Yeah. so it is gonna be warm today and tomorrow. Know what you should do? Enjoy it. Especially if you hate cold weather, because that is on its way post-Tuesday morning.

Break out the Heavy Coat

So one of the real reasons all of this is about to happen is a nice piece of energy in the upper level jet stream is going to force a surface low across the midwest, and this will spark the major change.


As this moves into southern Canada, it will be quite the intense low, bringing 20 to 30 mph wind gusts here at time tomorrow as clouds begin to stream in with an approaching front.

The NAM model shows where the cold front looks to be by 6 pm on Tuesday. h/t COD Weather

Along this front will be heavy rainfall, which should move in after midnight Tuesday night, with the front passing through before 6 am Tuesday.

The hi-res NAM shows precipitation moving in early on Tuesday, and moving out near or just before rush hour Tuesday morning. h/t Pivotalweather

And phew, post cold front? We will be within a far colder air mass than we were before. Tuesday’s high will be hit before 6 am, and its low will likely be hit just before Wednesday at midnight.


Weird, right? Well, get used to the cold at least. It is not gonna be very fun all things considering, but with an amplified pattern, we may have some shots at actual winter weather.

We are too far away to determine much of that at this time, though. High on Tuesday will be around 60, falling into the upper 30s by evening. The rest of the week? 40°F for a high at best.

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