Monotonous Weather Continues; Pattern Change Ahead?

Beautiful today and Wednesday; rain chances arrive Thursday. MAJOR pattern change arrives next week.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

We’re Still Looking at Warm Temps

In what is a pretty annoying heading if you ask me, our temperatures are still pretty dag on warm. I, for one, am tired of the 60s at this point in the year. I am ready for snow and interesting weather.


Aside from that, the majority of you will enjoy the next couple of days at the least. The biggest issue to this will be increasing cloud cover ahead of a weak cold front tomorrow afternoon.

The warmth after Wednesday:

However, I still expect temperatures to get up into the mid 60s today and to around 60 tomorrow tomorrow.

Uneventful Pattern Continuing

That weak cold front I mentioned? Yeah, it is another in the line of fronts that have been weak and boring over the past couple of weeks. This one, however, will actually bring precipitation with it!

Same, man.

We’re expecting clouds to increase tomorrow, and then showers to begin developing Thursday morning. They should last for a bit into Thursday afternoon, but they won’t be anything more than a nuisance.

The 3km NAM is showing the showers on Thursday well. h/t COD Weather

This should keep temperatures cool; only in the lower 50s for highs.

Pattern Change Coming Next Week?

That is a complicated answer. Yes and no. Yes because the models (and a lot of other things) have been pointing to next week for a little while now. No, because the models never handle these things well.

Live look at the models right now:

However, we are looking at a pattern breakdown soon, and once that happens, we could see much more interesting weather. At the very least, more interesting that 2 dry cold fronts a week.

@The Atmosphere

The models are (so far) in quite large divergence on what they anticipate to happen. The timing maybe off by a couple days, but Wednesday-Friday of next week is the time to watch for a major pattern change. This still may change, but that is what I am thinking right now.

*Me trying to figure out the pattern change next week*

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