The New Week Starts Warm and Boring

Warming up today into Tuesday, rain chances arrive late Wednesday into Thursday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Monday, November 27, 2017

Sunny, Warming and Boring
Yes, this gif again. (Giphy)

The past few days have seen some of the more boring weather the region has seen in awhile and today will be no exception.

Surface map valid for 6am this morning. (WPC)

With the area remaining under control of a high pressure system sitting just to the south and east, we’ll see sunny skies remain dominant throughout the day. With the position of the high pressure, we’ll see light southerly breezes that will help us top the 60º once again. After a high in the lower-60s, skies remain clear, allowing us to cool into the mid-30s in most spots for lows tonight.

And Again Tomorrow

When you wake up and see sunshine in the forecast again. (Netflix/Giphy)

Yep, things remain quite similar tomorrow with sunshine remaining abundant and the temperatures remaining mild. Winds out of the south continue, boosting temperatures once again back into the mid-60s during the day.

NAM forecast highs for Tuesday. With the southerly breeze and full sunshine, these are probably a bit underdone. (Pivotal Weather)

As we head into the overnight, winds will calm down and under mostly clear skies, we’ll drop back into the upper-30s to near 40º for Tuesday night lows.

Slight Changes for Wednesday

Slight pause to the boring weather pattern for Wednesday, with a system poised to bring a few changes to the weather picture as we head toward midweek.

WPC forecast surface map for tomorrow evening. (WPC)

A frontal system begins approaching for mainly late in the day on Wednesday. For us during the day, that means a few more clouds in the picture, which might hold temperatures down a touch but partly cloudy skies will remain. Even with the touch more in the way of cloud cover, temperatures should still top out in the lower 60s.

A summary for Wednesday. (HBO/Giphy)

Clouds will thicken, however, later in the night on Wednesday with a few showers possible late at night and into Thursday, when the shower chance increases. Under those mostly cloudy skies Wednesday night, temperatures look to remain in the mid-40s.

The Bottomline

Boring weather continues with sunny skies, 60s for highs and 40s for lows until late Wednesday night when an increase in clouds could bring a few showers into early Thursday morning.

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