Soggy Start to the Work Week

wxornotBG 10/23/17: Good morning! Rain showers today lead to MUCH colder temperatures tomorrow.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Monday, October 23, 2017


As if it being Monday wasn’t bad enough, we’ll be dealing with some moderate to heavy rain if you’re an early riser and are headed out the door soon.

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The good news? The back edge of the main line is already pushing towards Warren County. The bad news? More rain is to come later on today, so don’t shy away from that umbrella just yet…

Back edge of main line of rain exiting Bowling Green shortly – via

As you’re headed out the door and sending the kids to the bus stop, it’s a good idea to pack the jackets and hoodies along with the umbrella. Our temperatures today will gradually tumble as cooler air moves in behind the cold front and area of low pressure that helped to bring us this rain.

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Via the Weather Prediction Center

By tomorrow morning, we could still be dealing with a few stray isolated showers as a another cold front moves in overnight bringing with it much cooler air. Our high temperatures for Tuesday only top out in the upper 50s!


By Tuesday and Wednesday, things quiet down and cool off quite a bit. Wednesday, those highs will once again struggle to reach the 60s (they probably won’t) and it will definitely be feeling a lot more like fall!

The Forecast

Today: Soggy and rainy for much of the day. Temperatures gradually falling. High near 66°F. Overnight, rain begins to taper off with our lows near 46°F.

Tomorrow: A few AM showers possible but clearing out. Much cooler, highs near 56°F. Tomorrow night, mostly clear and chilly with lows near 38°F.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and cool, highs near 55°F. Overnight, clear and chilly with lows near 38°F


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