Hurricane Nate Making it Feel Like Fall

The Headline

Obviously, the headline right now is that the remnants of Hurricane Nate are currently moving northward towards the region and are producing very heavy rainfall across the region.

This is Hurricane Nate. h/t NHC

Hurricane Nate has rapidly moved northward into the Gulf and the southeastern US, and is continuing to move rapidly. Nevertheless, we are still anticipating rain for much of the day.

The HRRR model is showing plenty of rainfall from Hurricane Nate throughout the day today. h/t

Clouds and rain showers look to dominate through this evening, but then Nate looks to quickly move off to the northeast, leaving us with drying conditions. Highs shouldn’t get out of the mid 70s this afternoon.


And you know? Tomorrow looks really nice actually. It looks like clouds are gonna clear out a bit but tomorrow morning, leaving mostly sunny skies to enjoy for much of the afternoon.


By tomorrow night, though, anticipate clouds to be on the increase again ahead of a nice disturbance in the atmosphere.


This will begin to impact us on Tuesday with mostly cloudy skies, and as it approaches the region, look for showers and storms to be a likelihood. It isn’t looking like a washout at this point, though.


The Forecast

Today: Cloudy skies, with rain. Highs around 74°F. Overnight, look for mostly cloudy skies, with lows around 68°F.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny skies developing. Highs around 80°F. Overnight, anticipate increasing clouds, with lows around 68°F.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy skies, with scattered showers and storms. Highs around 81°F. Overnight, look for partly to mostly cloudy skies, with lows around 64°F.

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