The Return to Summer Looks to Continue

The Headline

Well, the headline for many of you is the fact that you’re waking up to some nice early morning thunderstorms.

The current radar, as of 6:44 am. h/t Radarscope

The current storms are just north of BG, but there are some more that have developed to our southwest. Those may develop and impact BG and areas just to the south, so watch for that.

Watch the storms this intently. h/t

Outside of this, the main headline is just how much it seems summer has made a reappearance across the region. Currently, we have a fairly well defined disturbance near and passing through the region. That is what is forcing those storms.

The disturbance moving through the region this morning. h/t SPC

This looks to pass through the region slowly today, allowing for more storms to fire up this afternoon, potentially.

The HRRR model is showing the possibility for storms this afternoon. h/t

This should cool off an otherwise warm afternoon, which will be nice. Tomorrow and Thursday look fairly similar to yesterday, actually.


We’ll develop plenty of instability in the afternoon, and it won’t take too much to fire a storm up in that environment. I don’t think we’ll have focused or widespread activity tomorrow or Thursday, but isolated storms are expected.

I thought you all may have needed this gif today. h/t

Anticipate temps in the mid and upper 80s, with high dewpoints in the afternoon.

Doesn’t this make the hot weather we’re gonna see later this week seem less bad? It does. What a gif. h/t

This pattern looks to continue into this coming weekend, with a new ridge developing to our north.

The Forecast

Today: Partly cloudy, with scattered storms. Highs around 85°F. Overnight, look for partly cloudy skies, with isolated storms. Lows around 66°F. 

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy, with isolated storms. Highs around 88°F. Overnight, look for mostly clear skies, with lows around 69°F.

Thursday: Partly cloudy, with isolated storms. Highs around 87°F. Overnight, look for mostly clear skies, with lows around 67°F.

Well, that is all I have for y’all! Have a fantastic Monday, and be sure to follow @wxornotBG on Twitter and like Landon Hampton on Facebook for the latest weather information.