The Remnants of Irma are Here for the Next Few Days

The Headline

Well, folks, this is the third time the remnants of a tropical system have impacted the lower Ohio Valley this year.


We had Cindy in the summer, Harvey two weeks ago and now we are experiencing Irma. Luckily, Irma is much less threatening that Harvey, and even Cindy. I remember we were freaking out back then about potential flash flooding.

I promise, we aren’t kidding. h/t

Irma will continue weakening as her remnants drift northwestward, and become a part of a larger mid-latitude system. This will bring us Fall-like weather, especially today and tomorrow.

Irma’s main impacts have already moved through, but because of the forcing associated with her left over spin, we should see intermittent showers.

These won’t be heavy, but it will definitely be like classic fall stuff. It’ll just be really cloudy, cool, and showery outside parts of today through Thursday morning.

*When you realize more Fall-like weather is here*
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Today may actually see a brief, couple hour window of sunshine associated with a dry slot in the system. Hi-res models are showing this, and this is see in observations. I think temps may approach 70°F this afternoon because of this.

An area of drier air is circled in black, and is associated with clear skies in the observations. This is forecast to expand and move over southern KY for a couple hours today. h/t COD Weather

Outside of that, don’t expect temps out of the 60s until Thursday afternoon. We should be stuck in low clouds until then.

The Forecast

Today: Cloudy early, with some partly cloudy skies developing during the early afternoon, with clouds and showers moving back in. Highs around 71°F. Overnight, look for cloudy skies and showers with lows around 60°F. 

Tomorrow: Cloudy, with intermittent showers. Highs around 62°F. Overnight, look for mostly cloudy skies and showers, with lows around 60°F.

Thursday: Clouds giving way to partly cloudy skies. Highs around 75°F. Overnight, look for mostly clear skies and lows around 60°F.

The Decisions

Well, the rain boots and jackets are gonna be popular on your local campus the next couple of days!

I would emphasize just being ready for showers throughout the day today and tomorrow. Though we’ll see a break from them at some points, they should take over again soon after the breaks.


Also: it is looking cool, but don’t mess with that AC just yet. We are looking at a nice warm up back into the mid 80s by the weekend, so just be ready for that.

*Me to the atmosphere*

Well, that is all I have folks! Be sure to follow @wxornotBG and @WKUweather for the latest Bowling Green weather information. Have an awesome Tuesday!