This Weather is Flat Out Awesome

wxornotBG 8/25/17: Beautiful weather, Hurricane Harvey, storm chances next week…we're covering all the bases this morning!

Publicado por Landon Hampton em Sexta, 25 de agosto de 2017

The Headline

Well, there are certainly two headlines right now. The first is what the title infers about our weather. It is has been unbelievably awesome for August. We have consistently been 5 or more degrees below normal recently.


The other headline of much more pressing concern is that Hurricane Harvey is dead set on the Texas Coastline, and is going through another bout of intensification as we speak. Harvey is extremely dangerous, and I hope of you have family on the Texas coast that they left.

I’ll talk more about this at the end. But hey! If we just stay in our little southern KY bubble, the weather is gonna be a-w-e-s-o-m-e.


I can probably forecast for all three days within a few lines, so don’t anticipate a super long post this morning! That is good for both you and I!


We are currently anchored within northwesterly flow in the mid-levels of the atmosphere, which has ushered in one of the best summertime air masses in recent memory.


This looks to continue into this weekend, with high clouds this afternoon being the biggest impediment to sunshine across the region. And that is it. We may see mid and higher level clouds increase Sunday afternoon ahead of a disturbance, too.


Highs? Look for upper 70s and lower 80s. It is looking awesome out there, folks! Get out and enjoy it this weekend.

The Forecast

Today: Mostly sunny, with highs around 83°F. Overnight, look for mostly clear skies, with lows around 58°F.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny, with highs around 82°F. Overnight, a repeat. Mostly clear skies, with lows around 58°F.

Sunday: Partly cloudy in the afternoon. Highs around 85°F. Overnight, look for mostly cloudy skies, and shower chances late. Lows around 62°F.

The Decisions

I don’t feel like this one should be too bad, honestly! It is gonna be nice out. Know what you do when it is nice out? You go outside! You should totally go outside and enjoy the outdoors.


Any baseball, softball, soccer, etc. game you have this weekend should be picture perfect! Travel shouldn’t be impacted by weather, either. Definitely a shorts and t-shirt, outside, cookout kind of weekend ahead.


Hurricane Harvey

Folks, I will not write here and pretend that I am any sort of expert on Tropical Meteorology. I promise you: I am not. However, it does interest me quite a bit, so whenever a significant system like this is impacting the US, I like to mention it.

This is Hurricane Harvey. h/t COD GOES-16

Harvey is on a B-line towards disaster in Texas, and really along much of the western Gulf Coast. First and foremost is the immediate threat that his winds and storm surge present to the landfalling location. The National Hurricane Center is forecasting 6-12 foot storm surge, which is life threatening and will cause quite a bit of damage.

The potential storm surge and where it could impact on the Texas coast. This is near where Harvey is expected to make landfall this afternoon. Hopefully the surge isn’t as bad as expected. h/t NHC

After Harvey makes landfall, the forecast gets a little weird. He is forecast to stall out near the Texas coastline, meander for a couple of days, not weaken quickly, and dump rainfall. The NHC has mentioned the expectation that some in Texas may see >35″ of rainfall.

The forecast rainfall for the next 7 days. h/t NHC

Models diverge on what Harvey will do post-landfall. Some keep him over Texas for over a week. Others bring Harvey back into the Gulf of Mexico and then have it striking Texas or Louisiana, and moving northward to impact the Ohio Valley.

Harvey is forecast by the European model to make TWO landfalls as a strong hurricane in Texas. This has been a consistent solution that the Euro has had. h/t Tropical Tidbits

Long story short, this is a terrible situation in Texas, so keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers over the next several days. And keep an eye on forecasts over the weekend, as Harvey’s remnants could be in the Ohio Valley next week.

Folks, that is all I have! Follow @wxornotBG on Twitter and like Landon Hampton on Facebook for the latest weather information, and be sure to have an awesome Friday and weekend!