Holy Cow, The Solar Eclipse is Actually Tomorrow

The Headline

This should be a no brainer, folks. Tomorrow is the Great American Solar Eclipse, and I could not be more excited about it than I am.

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…to watch the Eclipse!
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That is the weather headline, and has been this forecast period’s weather headline since we knew that this would be occurring on this day and time. It is a big deal, and I am excited as such!

I’m using this gif again today because it accurately describes my excitement. h/t giphy.com

This is the headline, and we have a severe weather threat on Tuesday. That is how big a deal this Eclipse is. Just check out some of the expected travelers into different states today and tomorrow.

This chart is really awesome. Just study it for a few minutes to understand just how many people are gonna be coming into the region. h/t greatamericaneclipse.com

It is going to be wild. W-I-L-D wild. The forecast for the next couple of days is actually pretty simple, with forecasting clouds tomorrow being the most challenging part of the whole forecast.

I promise, we aren’t kidding. h/t giphy.com

A ridge will gradually build into the region this afternoon and evening, and develop westward into the region through tomorrow afternoon. One thing is for sure – hot temperatures are expected both days.

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Anticipate temps well into the lower 90s, with higher heat index values. In terms of clouds, partly cloudy skies are expected both today and tomorrow, with some thinner high clouds possible during the Solar Eclipse tomorrow.

Viewing should be good around the region! Tuesday is where everything starts to get interesting. A strong disturbance in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere should be digging southeastward into the eastern US.

This will force a surface low to our northeast, and this will drag a surface cold front into the region. With higher mid level winds, and a strong cold front, we are looking at the threat for severe weather on Tuesday now.

The NAM is showing the possibility of a strong line of storms moving through on Tuesday evening. h/t pivotalweather.com
We are in a Slight Risk (2/5) on Tuesday. h/t SPC

Damaging winds look to be the primary threats. We’ll have much more on this particular threat tomorrow and Tuesday.

The Forecast

Today: Hot, humid and partly cloudy. Highs right around 92°F. Overnight, look for partly cloudy skies, with lows around 71°F.

Eclipse Day: Even hotter and more humid, with partly cloudy skies. Highs around 93°F; heat index values – 95-98°F. Overnight, look for partly cloudy skies, with lows around 72°F.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, with scattered storms in the afternoon. Some could be strong to severe. Highs around 90°F. Overnight, look for storms early, with clearing late. Lows around 69°F. 

The Decisions

Phew. Lots to get to with this one. First of all, please, please, please drink plenty of fluids the next couple of days, and hit up the sunscreen. It is gonna be real hot, and real humid out there. With an influx of people expected into the region, we need to make sure everyone anticipates higher temps and staying hydrated while outside.

This weird mascot has it right. You’ve gotta stay hydrated!
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Secondly, use your eclipse glasses! I discussed this yesterday, but I’ll reiterate it: staring at the sun during the partial eclipse phase without glasses could lead to blindness. Also: if you aren’t in the path of totality, you should definitely try to get into it! It is absolutely worth it.

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Lastly, on Tuesday, just stay weather aware. I will be honest, I have been so laser focused on the Solar Eclipse that Tuesday has been a little bit on my radar, but not as much as it should be. Looking at the models this morning: I think a threat is there. We’ll need more time and data between now and then to examine the threat further, though.

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That was a long post, but I think I got everything in there that I needed to! Have an awesome Sunday! Be sure to follow @wxornotBG and @WKUweather on Twitter, and Landon Hampton on Facebook for the latest info!