A Soggy Monday Gives Way to Beautiful Mid-Week Weather

The Headline

Yesterday afternoon and evening we saw widespread showers move into South Central Kentucky that continued overnight. Now if you’re anything like me, the pattering of rain on the roof is one of the best sleep aids around.

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These showers have tapered off a bit this morning as drier air filters into the region, but it’s still a good idea to pack the rain gear as you’re headed out the door this morning.

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A warm front continues to hang out around the KY/TN border helping to kick off shower activity with a low pressure center just off to our south and west.

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These showers will grow more scattered as we head throughout today. We could see an isolated shower or two this evening as well but look to dry out and clear out into the overnight hours. For all of you lovers of Fall out there, I have some good news. Temperatures are going to continue to feel much more like September rather than early August.

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Temperatures today are going to struggle to make it into the 80s. I know you’re excited, but don’t bring out the pumpkin spice lattes just yet.

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We’ve been extremely spoiled this August temperature and humidity wise, and I don’t think anyone is complaining. High pressure will move in by tomorrow keeping us nice, cool, and dry with plenty of sunshine to work with all the way through most of Wednesday.

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The Forecast

Today: Mostly cloudy with scattered/isolated showers and a few thunderstorms. Highs near 78°F. Overnight, partly cloudy skies with lows near 65°F.

Tomorrow: Partly sunny skies and beautiful. Highs near 83°F. Overnight, mostly clear with lows near 62°F.

Wednesday: Partly sunny skies with highs near 83°F. Overnight, partly cloudy skies with lows near 65°F.

The Decisions

It’s a good idea to keep the rain gear handy today as showers begins to taper off. But by tomorrow, get outside and enjoy that beautiful weather! Maybe you can get yourself a pumpkin spice latte while you’re at it…

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