Happy August! We Start the Month With Storms

wxornotBG 8/1: An increase in cloud cover will create cooler conditions than yesterday, with rain chances picking up Wednesday thru Friday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Headline

Well, we have left this past weekend’s fantastic weather behind. But that is okay, because we are about to be staring another nice weekend of weather in the face.

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Today will be pretty warm, but the humidity still won’t be that bad. Dewpoints look to get up into the mid and upper 60s this week again, and combined with mid 80s for temps, that won’t feel great.

*Me after writing this forecast in frustration*
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We are looking at some high clouds passing through the region this morning, which has helped us stay a bit warmer than without clouds. These clouds will likely help to keep us a couple degrees cooler than we would have been otherwise, as well.

We have some high clouds present this morning across the region! h/t COD Weather

These are being forced by a weak trough to our west, and this same trough will help to set up the storms the next couple of days. We’ll likely see persistent troughing, with disturbances moving through and forcing storms tomorrow and Thursday.

The mid-level pattern on Wednesday afternoon, as modeled by the 3km NAM. h/t pivotalweather.com

Storms won’t be widespread, but there is definitely a chance the next couple of afternoons. Highs today through Thursday should be in the mid to upper 80s.

*Me to the atmosphere*
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After this stretch of warmth, we’re looking at another major cool down. A front with rain/storms will move through on Friday, and we may not get out of the 70s this weekend…

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The Forecast

Today: Partly sunny, with an isolated afternoon storm chance. Highs around 88°F. Overnight, look for partly cloudy skies, with lows around 69°F.

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy, with isolated storms. Highs around 89°F. Overnight, look for partly cloudy skies, with lows around 70°F.

Thursday: Partly cloudy, with isolated storms. Highs around 88°F. Overnight, look for increasing skies, with rain approaching late. Lows around 68°F.

The Decisions

Well, certainly stay hydrated if outside over the next few days. We aren’t looking at anything nearly as bad as we were last week or the week before, but we are looking at hot conditions over the next few days.

(NWS Louisville)

In terms of rain gear, I would have an umbrella with you, but maybe one of those small ones that doesn’t take up too much room anywhere. That should be enough, because we’re not looking at a washout by any means with the storm chances.

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However, it only takes one storm in the evening, so be on the lookout for potential game and practice cancellations and delays. You should definitely anticipate that by Friday night, as Friday looks to have a decent bit of rain.

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