We are Currently Experiencing a Weather Vacation

The Headline

You know how terrible the weather has been for the past couple of weeks? Heat advisories, high dewpoints, misery outside, etc.? Yeah, the atmosphere did something about that.

YEEEESSS WAY! h/t giphy.com

We are now on an all expenses paid, three day weather vacation. Included in this package is wonderful temperatures, lowered humidity and sunny skies.

h/t giphy.com

How did this happen, you may ask? Well, you can thank an anomalously strong mid-level disturbance, and its surface low and cold front.

That is a strong mid-level low for this time of year. It is helping move a nice airmass into the region. h/t SPC

Thanks to them, we are going to see temperatures not get out of the low and mid 80s the next couple of days. Oh, and on top of that? Dewpoints look to stay manageable until about Tuesday!

I promise, we aren’t kidding. h/t giphy.com

This is a very exciting time, and you should feel #blessed because we are all getting this Weather Vacation. Because we’ll experience weak northwesterly flow for the next few days, this will remain and no one will have to share.

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It is extremely exciting. So what do you get with this vacation?

The Itinerary

Today: A nice bout of sunshine and cooler temps. Expect highs around 83°F. Overnight, look for mostly clear skies, with lows around 62°F.

Tomorrow: SUNNY AGAIN. Highs around 84°F. Overnight, expect lows around 64°F under mostly clear skies. 

Monday: Sunny skies are looking like a strong possibility again. Highs around 86°F. Overnight, expect partly cloudy skies, with lows around 66°F.

The Decisions

What should you do on this vacation? Well, the itinerary allows for a multitude of activities. You *can go outside and run, bike or walk. You can go swimming, fishing or have a cookout.

This sounds absolutely awesome right now. h/t giphy.com

You can basically enjoy the summer the way it was meant to be enjoyed, as opposed to locking yourself in air conditioning like we have all had to of late.

* – You should absolutely go outside.

That just about does it for me! Thanks for checking into wxornotBG this morning, and be sure to follow @wxornotBG and @WKUweather on Twitter and like Landon Hampton on Facebook for the latest weather information throughout the day. Enjoy your weather vacation!