Nice Weather Through Thursday; Heavy Rain This Weekend

wxornotBG 6/20/17: Beautiful today; flooding concerns rise thanks to a Tropical Storm moving our way out of the Gulf.

Publicado por Landon Hampton em Terça, 20 de junho de 2017

I am fairly happy to be writing that we’ll have nice weather as opposed to “hot and humid…again” like I felt like I was doing every day last week. The heat and humidity just simply got old, and pretty annoying. I would go to get in my car and my steering wheel would feel like it was 1000°F. So yeah, our current pattern is a welcome change.


We had a cold front move through the region on Sunday afternoon, and that ushered in much lower humidity and cooler temperatures overall. Additionally, we are now getting a nice period of sunshine to go along with this, creating fantastic outdoor conditions yesterday.


Similar weather can be expected today, as the same trough that had move into the region post cold front will continue to hit us with northwesterly flow. We may see some high clouds late this afternoon in association with the tropical system in the Gulf, but it shouldn’t be too significant.


Expect highs this afternoon to reach the mid and upper 80s, under mostly sunny skies.

Today: Mostly sunny – Highs around 87°F | Tonight: Partly cloudy – Lows around 66°F

Tomorrow will be similar, but maybe a degree or two warmer as that trough decides to move off to the east a bit.


With surface southwesterly flow, we can expect temps to jump into the upper 80s again tomorrow afternoon for highs. Expect a few clouds as well, and that might hold temps down just a bit, which is why I am forecasting upper 80s.

Tomorrow: Partly sunny – Highs around 88°F | Tomorrow night: Clouds gradually increasing – Lows around 70°F

Now Thursday is where everything begins to get interesting, and it is all because of this tropical system in the central Gulf of Mexico.

The forecast track of Potential Tropical Cyclone 3. h/t NHC

This has been developing for several days now, and is currently a large system in terms of size. Its cloud deck extends almost all the way up here, which is why I am anticipating some cloud cover issues, especially tomorrow and Thursday.

The cloud shield of this system. h/t COD Weather

This system is forecast by the models to move into the northwestern Gulf, and make landfall somewhere between Houston and the Louisiana border. The majority of the heavy convection and moisture is on its east side, which is key in tracking this system over the next few days.

So, what does this mean for our weather? Well, for Thursday, it likely means that we’ll see thicker, high clouds move into the region during the afternoon hours. This will occur as the system approaches landfall in the region outlined above, and spreads moisture northward.

The NAM is showing the potential for thick cloud cover by Thursday afternoon. h/t COD Weather

Given that, anticipate cooler highs than we’ve even seen in this heat break. Look for highs in the lower 80s by Thursday afternoon.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy – Highs around 81°F | Thursday night: Mostly cloudy, with rain possible late – Lows around 74°F

Now, this system’s impact will last much longer than just Thursday. A weak shortwave trough is forecast to move southeastward out of the northwestern US by late Thursday night. This will act to draw the tropical system northward.

The shortwave in question is denoted by the dotted line over Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. h/t COD Weather

The track of this is key. Those that are along the track and to its east will receive the heaviest rainfall this weekend. With a couple of significant rain events already occurring this month, it shouldn’t be too hard to get flash flooding issues this weekend. The Weather Prediction Center foresees significant rainfall across the area this weekend.

The WPC is anticipating significant rainfall across our region. h/t WPC

Keep your eyes on it the next couple of days, and we’ll continue to update for those who have weekend plans.

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