Much Nicer Weather Lies Ahead For Southern Kentucky


Yesterday turned out pretty much okay, right!? We had our heaviest rainfall exit by early afternoon, and a mix of sun and clouds developed across the region. We then rose into the lower 60s, which felt pretty nice considering the past 4 or 5 have been horrible weather days.

The next few days look to get increasingly warm, and just nice. Today could possibly be the best of the group. We are still under the influence of the western portion of that deep trough, and this is keeping clouds away.

My reaction to today’s forecast:

This afternoon, look for some party cloudy skies to develop, but overall it should be a fantastic day. Highs should get up to around 70°F.


Tomorrow is gonna be kinda weird, so you can make of it what you will once you see the forecast. We’ll basically be transitioning to a much warmer pattern, but we are gonna need a warm front to pass through the region. Along and ahead of this, we will likely see some cloud cover develop.


These clouds may or may not produce some light precipitation with them, but I don’t expect them to. I just think they’ll keep tomorrow from being too warm. Expect highs in the upper 60s to around 70°F again.


Tuesday looks pretty daggum warm. And it looks to just feel like a day in May (finally). Warm, humid, some partly cloudy skies. It’ll be pretty nice actually, and we’ll be well ahead of the next system. So basically, just expect an awesome weather day.


Expect highs to end up in the lower 80s.

Forecast Summary

Today: Partly to mostly sunny, with highs around 70°F. Overnight, look for mostly clear skies, with lows around 46°F.

  • Wake up: ☀️  48°F
  • Lunch hour: ☀️/🌤  62°F
  • Evening time: ☀️/🌤  64°F

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy, with highs around 69°F. Overnight, expect clouds to give way to partly cloudy skies, with lows around 58°F.

  • Bus stop:🌤/⛅️  47°F
  • Lunch hour: ⛅️/🌥  60°F
  • School is out: 🌥  69°F
  • Evening time: 🌤/⛅️  64°F

Tuesday: Partly cloudy skies, with highs around 84°F. Overnight, look for partly cloudy skies to continue, with lows around 62°F.

  • Bus stop: 🌤  58°F
  • Lunch hour: 🌤  72°F
  • School is out: 🌤  84°F
  • Evening time: 🌤  79°F

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