Hot, Humid and Stormy for The Weekend

Forecast Discussion

Lots to get into, so let’s go ahead and get started.

Me when I’ve got lots to do and an active forecast. (Giphy)

Today’s forecast is…complicated. It kind of depends on where the boundaries laid down by last night’s storms off to the north decide to set up.

Warmth and moisture has surged to the north over the past 24 hours thanks to a warm front that traversed the state yesterday and become stationary.

WPC Surface Analysis (Weather Prediction Center)

Behind this front, we’re in what’s called the warm sector, where the temperature is hot and the air is oh so sticky. Today’s going to feel more like a summer day than a spring one out there.

Hi-res NAM surface temperatures valid for 4pm today. Steamy. (Pivotal Weather)

Combine these temperatures with dew points around the 70ºF degree mark and it’s going to be miserable outside, but the good news is the moisture won’t be falling from the sky.

There may be a few small showers or storms that try to pop up, but most of the thunderstorm activity will be closer to the warm front over northern parts of Kentucky for the day today.

Today: Hazily sunny skies, hot and humid. An isolated storm is possible. High right around 87º. Any storms that form will taper at night. It’s going to be a summer like night, with a low around 70º.

  • Wake up: 🌤  70°
  • Lunch hour: 🌤  85°
  • Afternoon plans: 🌤 87°
  • Evening time: 🌤 83°

Sunday is when the stormy weather returns.

Pretty much. (Giphy)

We’ve got the warmth and the moisture already in place, we’ve got ample wind energy over our heads…all we need is something to lift the air to get storms going. That’s not going to be a problem at all.

Luckily for anyone with outdoor plans on Sunday, the worst of the stormy weather looks to wait until later in the day, towards the evening. The day looks mostly dry and very warm, much like today. Thunderstorm chances go up dramatically once the cold front begins to approach Sunday evening.

WPC prog chart for 7pm tomorrow night. (WPC)

As mentioned, this cold front has ample fuel to work with to spark showers and thunderstorms, possibly severe.

The current thinking is that storms will begin to form to our west Sunday afternoon and race their way eastward throughout the evening and early overnight.

What the Hi-Res NAM thinks will happen through tomorrow afternoon and evening. (Pivotal Weather)

Any storms along this line could produce damaging winds and large hail. It’s not likely but we can never rule out the possibility of a spin-up tornado along the line.

Tomorrow: Hazily sunny skies, hot and humid once again and more breezy An isolated storm is possible in the afternoon. High right around 86º. A line of storms will approach from the west for the late afternoon and evening hours, these storms could be severe. Showers linger after the storms pass, a low around 60º.

  • Wake up: 🌤  72°
  • Lunch hour: 🌤  83°
  • Afternoon plans: 🌤 85°
  • Evening time: ⛈ 70°

Once these storms get out of here, Monday looks a whole lot better.

I can finally “relax” and stress about something not the weather. (Giphy/ABC/CTV)

The front will have passed and we’ll just be dealing with left-over clouds and maybe a shower or two. More importantly, temperatures fall to near 70º. It’s gonna be great. Just gotta get through this weekend first.

Monday: Partly cloudy skies with maybe a left over shower or two. High about 70º. At night, skies clear out and we fall to around 50º.

  • Wake up: 🌤  62°
  • Lunch hour: 🌤  65°
  • Afternoon plans: 🌤 70°
  • Evening time: 🌤 55°

Today’s Key Points

  • Dry today with hot and humid conditions. It’ll really feel like summer.
  • Severe thunderstorms possible late Sunday. Damaging winds the main threat
  • Otherwise hot and humid like today.
  • Relief finally arrives Monday.

That just about does it for me! Thanks for checking into WxOrNotBG this morning, and be sure to follow @wxornotBG and @WKUweather on Twitter and like Landon Hampton on Facebook for the latest Bowling Green Weather information. Have a terrific Saturday!