Weekend Looks Soggy

wxornotBG 4/21/17: Shower & storm chances increase today into Saturday.

Posted by Landon Hampton on Friday, April 21, 2017

Forecast Discussion

In short, this weekend doesn’t exactly look fun.

Your weekend forecast. (Giphy)

The soggy weather continues from Thursday night into Friday with scattered showers and storms possible as a cold front gets hung up right in our area.

Surface map valid for 1pm today. Notice the front hung up over Middle Tennessee. (Aviation Weather Center)

This will front will keep showery weather in our area all day. While it won’t rain every minute of the day, rain will be more likely than not, so keep that rain gear handy for Friday. Since we’ll be socked in with clouds, our temperatures won’t be nearly as summer-like. Unlike the past few days where we topped out north of 80º, our temperatures today will hover around the 70º mark.

Hi-res NAM surface temperatures valid today at 4pm. (Pivotal Weather)

Today: Scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. High around 70º. Shower chances continue at night, with a low only around 55º.

  • Bus stop: 🌧  65º
  • Lunchtime: 🌧  67º
  • School’s out: 🌧  70º
  • Evening: 🌧 63º

Saturday stays soggy as well.

Pretty much. (Giphy)

That pesky cold front stays in the area, kicking off even more wet weather to start the weekend.

Hi-res NAM simulated radar valid for 4pm tomorrow. Trust me, the radar will look similar to this all day. (Pivotal Weather)

For temperatures, with even more rain in the area, temperatures won’t rise all that much throughout the day. We’ll be lucky to top out around 65º on Saturday afternoon. Just does not look like a good day at all.

Tomorrow: Intermittent showers and thunderstorms. High temperatures around 65º. Mostly clear skies at night, only falling to around 57º. Northerly winds kick in at night, allowing our lows to drop into the upper-40s!

  • Wake up: 🌧 58º
  • Lunchtime: 🌧 62º
  • Afternoon plans: 🌧 64º
  • Evening: 🌧 52º

Sunday looks to finally provide some relief.

Be happy, Yo! (Giphy/MLBAM)

Rain will be with us to start the day but as the front finally starts moving on from it’s perch upon our door, but only light showers thanks to some wrap-around moisture will bother us to finish off our weekend. It’ll still be damp, but it won’t be raining quite as hard and it won’t be quite as soggy.

NAM simulated radar valid 1pm on Sunday, just some showers. (Pivotal Weather)

Sunday: Steadier rain, giving way to lighter showers later in the day. Highs will remain in the lower 60s during the day. Clouds clear off at night, allowing us to drop near 45º.

  • Wake up: 🌧 53º
  • Lunchtime: 🌧 59º
  • Afternoon plans: ☁️ 61º
  • Evening: ☁️🌗 47º

Today’s Key Points

  • Today looks rainy and altogether unpleasant.
  • Saturday looks even worse, with below average temperatures and even more rain.
  • Rain begins to clear out for the day on Sunday, with some stars even visible Sunday night.

That just about does it for me! Thanks for checking into WxOrNotBG this morning, and be sure to follow @wxornotBG and @WKUweather on Twitter and like Landon Hampton on Facebook for the latest Bowling Green Weather information. Have a terrific Friday!