Brief Reprieve From Rain But More Storms On The Way


wxornotBG 3/28/17: Calmer weather settles in today and Wednesday, before the potential for ANOTHER round of strong/severe storms arrives Thursday.

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Yesterday’s Weather

Especially around, oh say, 4:00pm. (Giphy)

Forecast Discussion

The good news is that yesterday’s severe storms have cleared the picture but the bad news is there’s another chance for rain and thunderstorms later in the week. But let’s start with today.

We’ll spend today drying out. Clouds will hang around for the day today as the low pressure system moves off to the northeast, we’ll see warm-ish but dry weather.

NAM surface temperatures valid for 4pm today. Higher, of course, if we see more sunshine. (Pivotal Weather)

Temperatures should top out in the mid-to-upper-60s for a high today. Of course, it’ll be a bit warmer if we can see more sun breaks.

Today: Mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. High temperatures near 67º, higher with more sunshine. Skies stay mostly cloudy overnight, beginning to clear near daybreak. Low settling to near 50º.

  • Bus stop: ⛅️ 60º
  • Lunchtime: ⛅️ 65º
  • School’s out: ⛅️ 67º
  • Evening: ⛅️ 59º

Really, the same weather will hold true for our day on Wednesday, if a bit sunnier. Still in between systems, it’s going to warm up nicely thanks to the extra sunshine.


Wednesday is certainly the pick of the week, temperatures re-cross that 70º mark once again for a very pleasant spring day.

NAM Surface Temps for 4pm tomorrow. Again, more sun we see = warmer temps. (Pivotal Weather)

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy skies rule the day with a high temperature topping out near 70º. Clouds on the increase once again overnight with rain chances beginning to creep up near daybreak. Low falling to around 60º.

  • Bus stop: ⛅️ 55º
  • Lunchtime: ⛅️ 64º
  • School’s out: ⛅️ 70º
  • Evening: ⛅️ 62º

And here’s where the rain comes back into the forecast.

Southwesterly winds begin to kick in early in the day on Thursday, both increasing the temperature and the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. Combine this with an approaching shortwave and you have a setup for showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures should be in the lower to middle 70s.

NAM surface temps valid 4pm Thursday. (Pivotal Weather)

We’ll have ample moisture and warmth in place which means instability, or fuel for thunderstorms. The approaching shortwave should have no problem kicking some thunderstorms off and a few of those could be on the strong to severe side.

NAM sim radar, valid Thursday at 1pm shows a broken line of storms to the west. (Pivotal Weather)

Of course, we still have a few days to monitor the situation, so keep an eye on future forecasts, but one thing is for certain: rain won’t stay away for very long.

Thursday: On and off showers and thunderstorms with the best chance for rain in the afternoon and evening. A few storms could be strong. High around 74º. Showers continue into the overnight with a low once again around 60º.

  • Bus stop: 🌧 62º
  • Lunchtime: 🌧/⛈ 68º
  • School’s out: 🌧/⛈ 72º
  • Evening: 🌧/⛈ 67º

Today’s Key Points

  • Today looks mostly cloudy but dry and slightly cooler than yesterday.
  • Wednesday looks mostly the same but with a bit more sunshine and thus a bit warmer.
  • Thursday looks stormy with some strong storms not out of the question Thursday afternoon and evening.
  • Rain chances remain through Thursday night and into Friday.

That just about does it for me! Thanks for checking into WxOrNotBG this morning, and be sure to follow @wxornotBG and @WKUweather on Twitter and like Landon Hampton on Facebook for the latest Bowling Green Weather information. Have a terrific Tuesday!