Rain on Friday Gives Way to Great Weekend

wxornotBG 3/17/17: Showers, few storms take over the region on this St. Patrick's Day, before rays of sunshine arrive for the upcoming weekend.

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Yesterday’s Weather

Not too bad, if a little chilly by mid-March standards. We were 12ºF below normal for a high yesterday and 18ºF below normal on our low. But at least we were sunny!

Yesterday’s Climate Report. (NWS Louisville)


Forecast Summary

🍀Today🍀: St. Patrick’s Day looks cloudy with intermittent rain showers throughout the day. High tops out around 55ºF. For tonight, shower chances slowly diminish as our low dips down to around 45ºF.

  • Bus stop: 🌧☔️ 42ºF
  • Lunch hour: 🌧☔️ 52ºF
  • School is out: 🌧☔️ 54ºF
  • Evening time: 🌧☔️ 50ºF

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy skies return but remains noticeably warmer, with a high around 60ºF. Mostly clear skies remain for night time as well, allowing us to drop to near freezing once again.

  • Wake up: 🌤  48°F
  • Lunch hour: 🌤  58°F
  • Evening time: 🌤  55°F

Sunday: Even fewer clouds than the day on Saturday with a high once again around the 60ºF mark. Clouds begin increasing during the night however, with a low only around 45ºF.

  • Wake up: ☀️ 35ºF
  • Lunch hour: ☀️ 56°F
  • Evening time: 🌤 52°F

Forecast Discussion

Mother Nature, in an effort to avoid inevitable pinching, has decided to wear green today. Unfortunately, it’s all over our radar screens, meaning we do not have the Luck of the Irish.

Yeah, I deserve this.
h/t giphy.com

A system sticking around for the day today is throwing a little bit of rain our way. By no means will it rain all day but the models are hinting at scattered showers moving through during the day today, nothing major. The only thing is that the air remains dry outside, a few of those rain showers will have to fall first and evaporate thus raising the atmospheric moisture level before the rain will reach the surface.

Hi-res NAM simulated radar valid for 9am. Notice how the rain seems scattered. (Pivotal Weather)

Those pesky rain showers should keep sticking around before finally moving out overnight.

As for temperatures today, thanks to the somewhat warmer surge out ahead of it, we’ll be well into the 50s today. Still below average but much closer than yesterday.

NAM Surface Temperatures showing lower-to-mid 50s, valid today at 4pm. (Pivotal Weather)

Once the system passes on by, we’re looking at absolutely fantastic weather for the weekend.

h/t giphy.com

Our winds will shift around to the northwest after the front associated with today’s rain passes on by but that’s not really going to lower our temperatures so much as dry us out again. Highs as the clouds clear on Saturday look to approach the 60ºF mark, or as we like to call that “average for March.” The only issue is the breeziness on the backside of that front.

Hi-res NAM surface temperatures valid for 1pm tomorrow. A touch underdone I think, since we’ll have plentiful sunshine. (Pivotal Weather)

Since the air behind the front is so dry, our temperatures will have no problem dropping like a rock under mostly clear skies tomorrow night. It’s likely they’ll be in the 30s, whether they drop below freezing is still no guarantee.

The day on Sunday looks, well, just like Saturday. Except with even fewer clouds.

NAM surface temperatures valid for 4pm Sunday. (Pivotal Weather)

Again, those temperatures may be running a tad cool, but they’re much better than we’ve had over the past few days.

Today’s Key Points

  • Cooler today with off and on rain chances.
  • Not an all day rain by any means but showers will be around today, clearing out late tonight.
  • Saturday will be breezy but temperatures will warm up, approaching average for this time of year with sunny skies.
  • Sunday looks to be the exact same as Saturday.

That just about does it for me! Thanks for checking into WxOrNotBG this morning, and be sure to follow @WxOrNotBG and @WKUweather on Twitter and like Landon Hampton on Facebook for the latest Bowling Green Weather information. I hope you have a terrific Friday!