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Yesterday’s Weather

Yesterday was the one non-spring day that we have had lately, but to be honest? I feel like it felt like early spring yesterday. I never really know what to make of weather like this. Friday was in the Eighties. That is simply incredible. Now, yesterday was a sold 25-40 degrees cooler at times, so it was much more seasonable. Even so, our high was 3 degrees above normal.

Yesterday's climate report. h/t NWS Louisville
Yesterday’s climate report. h/t NWS Louisville

Forecast Summary

Today: Mostly sunny and cool, with highs around 53°F. Overnight, look for clouds to increase, with lows falling to around 43°F.

  • Wake up: ☀️  26°F
  • Lunch hour: ☀️  45°F
  • Evening time: ☀️  50°F

Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy, with showers likely during the day. Highs around 57°F. Overnight, look for partly to mostly cloudy skies, with light showers/storms possible. Lows around 54°F.

  • Bus stop: ☁️/🌧  45°F
  • Lunch hour: ☁️/🌧  50°F
  • School is out: ☁️  57°F
  • Evening time: ☁️  55°F

Tuesday: Partly sunny, with highs jumping to around 76°F. Overnight, look for mostly cloudy skies, with a threat for showers and storms. Lows around 65°F.

  • Bus stop: 🌤  58°F
  • Lunch hour: 🌤  70°F
  • School is out: 🌤  76°F
  • Evening time: 🌥  74°F


Let me assure all of you: this pattern is remaining warm and active! The weather from this weekend isn’t looking to be a constant thing. However, because we have virtually shifted into a spring-like pattern, anticipate significant temperature variations from day-to-day, especially after fronts.

We’ll see that a couple of times this week. Once on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday, but I’ll get to that in a second. I don’t wanna look ahead too much and miss the obvious rainfall threat facing out region tomorrow.

*when you see lame rain in the forecast* h/t
*when you see lame rain in the forecast*

We have a nice source of lift propagating across the central portion of the country, quickly I may add. This has already sparked cloud cover in that region, and is forecast to develop clouds by this evening and then rain overnight. It doesn’t look to be anything crazy, but it is still something.

The 4km NAM's depiction of the rain through tomorrow. h/t
The 4km NAM’s depiction of the rain through tomorrow. h/t

Before that, we’ll have wonderfully sunny skies, and temps rising into the low 50s. Those won’t drop too much this evening, as the clouds will keep the temps warmer overnight. I’m expecting this rain to last into the morning commute, which just is plain bleh. All of the bad drivers will come out and will collectively freak out that rain is falling.

To all the crazy drivers tomorrow: (h/t
To all the crazy drivers in the rain tomorrow:

Just take it easy on the way to work tomorrow, and don’t drive crazily. After that moves out, clouds should stick around into Monday evening and night, as the warm front associated with the mid week system approaches.

This will likely spark off new showers, and even a thunderstorm or two, in association with it Monday night. Because this is moving in on Monday evening, we look to see southwesterly flow vectors really kick back in during the overnight hours. This will warm us throughout the night.

The temps are gonna warm through the night! h/t Iowa Mesonet Meteograms
The temps are gonna warm through Monday night! h/t Iowa Mesonet Meteograms

Yeah, I know! It is odd. This leads us right back into spring on Tuesday, as winds will be strong from the southwest, knocking our highs into the mid 70s.


We’ll probably break another record, or at least approach one. Then on Tuesday night, things begin to get less certain. A low pressure center will begin to approach the region from the west, and will likely begin to come close to influencing us Tuesday night. Severe weather is expected to our southwest, and may impact us on Tuesday night as well.

The severe weather outlook from the SPC for Tuesday. h/t SPC
The severe weather outlook from the SPC for Tuesday. h/t SPC

The threat is not known at this time, though. Timing differences exist among the models, and thus, it is hard to pinpoint exactly when and where this will set up. However, it is becoming increasingly likely that a portion of our forecast region will see severe weather either Tuesday night or Wednesday. The SPC has us in a higher risk on Wednesday, and I agree with them on that after looking over the models.

Wednesday's severe weather outlook from the SPC. BG is in the Enhanced Risk. h/t SPC
Wednesday’s severe weather outlook from the SPC. BG is in the Enhanced Risk. h/t SPC

Be sure to stay tuned to the forecast over the coming days, as this will likely change. We may not see severe weather, or we could see it. It largely depends on timing.

Today’s Key Points

  • Sunny until this evening, then clouds increase
  • Rain overnight tonight and into the day on Monday
  • Showers/Storms Monday night, as temps rise the entire night
  • Warm on Tuesday, with gusty winds
  • Severe threat Tuesday night and into Wednesday

Well, that is all I have folks! Be sure to follow @wxornotBG and @WKUWeather on Twitter, and like Landon Hampton‘s page on Facebook for the latest and most up to date information on the upcoming severe weather threat. Have a great day!