47 Tornadoes Confirmed from Southeast Tornado Outbreak

Official numbers of the southeast tornado outbreak are beginning to come in. According the National Weather services across the southeast, 47 tornadoes have been confirmed. The Birmingham, AL office has confirmed the most so far with 16 tornadoes on the 21st and 22nd. Offices in Shreveport, LA and Peachtree City, GA have both confirmed 12 tornadoes on the 21st and 22nd. The office in Tallahassee, FL has confirmed 3 tornadoes, while both the Jackson, MS and Mobile, AL have both confirmed 2 tornadoes.

The strongest of these tornadoes look to have occurred in Hattiesburg, MS. This tornado occurred early in the morning on January 21st. According to the National Weather Service, the tornado had peak wind speeds of 145 mph, making it an EF-3. The damage path stretched 31.3 miles causing 57 injuries and 4 deaths.


Another strong tornado occurred near Albany, GA on the 22nd. According to the National Weather Service, the EF-2 tornado left a damage path of a mile wide in some spots. The Albany tornado has claimed the lives of at least two people and the damage survey is ongoing.

We’ll update this as more information becomes available!