Dreary New Year’s Forecast For Bowling Green Weather

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar:

Yesterday’s Weather

Yesterday was a fairly nice day across south-central Kentucky. Mostly sunny skies were in place and temperatures rose to a normal value of 46°F. The low temperature of 33°F was a few degrees above normal. Looking at the Kentucky Mesonet, there was quite a statewide spread in low temperatures this morning. The low in Fulton County, KY was 42°F, whereas the low in Johnson County, KY was 19°F. The low for Bowling Green weather was 33°F.

Kentucky Mesonet Low Temepratures This Morning
Kentucky Mesonet Low Temepratures This Morning

Forecast Summary

Today: Rainy and windy. Highs will be around 45°. Isolated showers continue overnight. Lows will be around 40°.

  • Waking Up: 🌧 40°
  • Lunch Time: 🌧 44°
  • Afternoon: 🌧/☁️ 45°
  • Evening: 🌧/☁️ 42°

New Year’s Day: Mostly cloudy and calm. Highs will be around 50°. Temperatures continue to rise overnight with sprinkles possible. 

  • Waking Up, probably later than the norm: ☁️ 42°
  • Lunch Time/Waking Up Time For Some: ☁️ 46°
  • Afternoon/Surely You’re Up By Now: ☁️ 50°
  • Evening: ☁️ 52°

Monday: Warm and cloudy morning will give way to a rainy afternoon. Highs will be around 65°. Rain continues overnight with “lows” around 56°

  • Waking Up: ☁️ 54°
  • Lunch Time: ☁️ 60°
  • Afternoon: ☁️/🌧 65°
  • Evening: 🌧 62°

Forecast Discussion

An overall dreary forecast is in store for the next few days thanks to a series of troughs moving into the region. The best day of the forecast period looks to be New Year’s Day, but it will be cloudy. Then, when temperatures rise to feel really nice, the rain moves in. Great start to 2017…

h/t giphy.com
h/t giphy.com

But, if your New Year’s resolution is to stop complaining so much, then let’s suck it up and talk about the weather! Scattered showers will be the Bowling Green weather story today. The HRRR model shows rainfall drifting out of the region by this afternoon. Occasional, spotty showers will still be possible after that. The HRRR model performed well last night in timing the onset of precipitation, so maybe it will do a good job of timing the end.

12Z HRRR Model Simulated Radar - Valid until 6 PM - pivotalweather.com
12Z HRRR Model Simulated Radar – Valid until 6 PM – pivotalweather.com

Winds will be pretty stout during the morning and early afternoon hours today. Wind speeds of 15 – 20 mph are possible, with gusts to 30 mph possible. Windy rain…sounds fantastic.

12Z HRRR Model Surface Wind - Valid Late this Morning - pivotalweather.com
12Z HRRR Model Surface Wind – Valid Late this Morning – pivotalweather.com

Once the rain comes to an end, the wind should die down some as well. That will leave us with cloudy skies overnight and lows around 40°. At midnight it will be cloudy and around 41°, so be sure to have a light jacket if you’re out and about celebrating. Some sprinkles may also be possible.

h/t giphy.com
h/t giphy.com

New Years Day will bring cloudy conditions to the region. However, it won’t be quite as windy as it was today. Temperatures will also rise due to southwest flow aloft. Expect temperatures to creep up all day to around 50° by the afternoon, and on up to around 52° by 6 PM. Temperatures will continue to increase overnight, so there’s a pretty good chance temperatures will be warmer when you wake up Monday compared to when you fell asleep Sunday night.

h/t giphy.com
h/t giphy.com

Expect temperatures to really climb on Monday. A warm front will move through the region, leading to southerly surface flow, along with southwest flow aloft. As the warm front moves through, some showers will be possible, and the clouds will stick around for the rest of the day. By the afternoon, divergence aloft will lift numerous showers across the region. A few thunderstorms may also be possible. Highs will eventually top out around 65°!

NAM Model Forecast Upper Level Flow - Valid Monday Afternoon - College of DuPage
NAM Model Forecast Upper Level Flow – Valid Monday Afternoon – College of DuPage

Monday night will bring continued rain into the region. Lows won’t drop off much at all; only to around 56°. However, temperatures take a nosedive after that.

h/t giphy.com
h/t giphy.com

Looking Ahead

Weather models are beginning to hint at our first potential winter storm of the season. This is still several days out, and likely to change, so I’ll spare some details. However, just know that we’re tracking some winter weather potential late next week and into next weekend. Stay tuned for more information!

h/t gifsforum.com
h/t gifsforum.com

That should wrap up this forecast. Be sure to follow @WxOrNotBG and @WKUweather for the latest Bowling Green weather information. If you like nerdy weather posts, you can also follow me @JacobWilkinsWX. Lastly, be sure to check out Landon Hampton on Facebook. Have a great and safe New Year’s Weekend!