Isolated Thunderstorm’s Weather News

h/t Landon Hampton
h/t Landon Hampton

This afternoon, in the midst of the heat and humidity, isolated thunderstorms popped up and traversed the region very slowly, providing relief from the heat to those lucky enough to experience them. To those that didn’t see thunderstorms… I am sorry. With a weak frontal boundary near the region the next couple days, thunderstorms will remain a possibility.

The Tropics have been active in the Pacific

As I mentioned earlier this evening, the eastern Pacific is popping out tropical systems like there is no tomorrow. There have been 8 named storms within a 3 week timespan.

The eastern Pacific hurricane season. h/t Wikipedia
The eastern Pacific hurricane season. h/t Wikipedia

Luckily, outside of Darby, none of these have effected land, so they have just been nice to look at as they propagated through the ocean.

The Monsoon in the Southwest is wicked cool

I think all types of meteorology is incredible…but I legit think that some of the images of thunderstorms during the monsoon in the southwestern US are amazing.

Moisture from the Pacific flows in and thunderstorms develop in the high heat and humidity. They produce incredible lightning and microbursts.

Check this video out

This is just an example of why taking shelter during thunderstorms is absolutely necessary.

Well, thats all for today’s news. Be sure to check in tomorrow morning for the latest forecast post!