WxOrNotBG Tweets of the Week

Twitter is a meteorologist’s best friend and worst enemy. Meteorologists send out hundreds of tweets per day, and it is such a useful tool for dispensing information. Many times, though, hype will begin and spread like fire on Twitter. Other times, it saves someone’s life. Therefore, Twitter sees the best and worst out of meteorologists every week, and it gets really fascinating to watch. These are the 10 best Tweets I found from this past week!

#10 Jason Laney

This was a nice cumulonimbus. 

#9 Chris Dillon 

This was cool, and unique. As I said last week, I love northeastern severe weather events.

#8 Pierce Larkin

I thought this was funny. Yes, I am laughing at my own joke. Hahaha

#7 Alex Sizemore 

This was one of the cooler storms to roll through here recently. The rainbow was able to be see behind the storm with no rain falling over you. So cool.

#6 Michael Lowry

This was a super awesome get by the Hurricane Hunters!

#5 Scott Bachmeier

Bonnie lasted much longer than she should have last week, and for that, I give her an applause.

#4 TorandoTitans.com


#3 TxDOT- HOU District

The flooding in Texas last week was absolutely crazy to see occur.

#2 Greg Johnson


#1 NWSBayArea

Hahahahaha this was absolutely the funniest and best tweet from last week. An NBA Western Conference Finals burn!