Northeast US Sees Fireball Last Night

Across the Northeast US last night, there was a large fireball reported to streak across the night sky. It was seen across 9 states, plus southeastern portions of Canada. According to the American Meteor Society, they have received, “…425 reports so far about a fireball event over Northeastern US on May 17th 2016 around 12:50am EDT.”

This is the reports from the event across the northeastern US. h/t
This is the report map from the event across the northeastern US. h/t

The video above is courtesy of the America Meteor Society story. Fireballs and meteors occur multiple times throughout the day within the Earth’s atmosphere, but the majority of them burn up in the atmosphere before we are able to see themThere are a surprising amount of them reported to the society, so if you have any interest or ever see a fireball, be sure to check out their full website here.