Weekend Bowling Green Weather

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar:

Saturday, April 9 – Sunny & Cool- High 49˚ / Tonight – Partly Cloudy – Low 34˚

Good morning, Bowling Green – it’s officially the weekend!

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But don’t celebrate too early! If you’re out and about this morning, I’m sure you’ve noticed the chilly temperatures at and around the 32° mark. By the afternoon, we’ll be sitting at temperatures 15-20° cooler than the climate normal! So, climatology says it’s okay if you’re not okay with this weather during the month of April!

NAM Temperatures, Valid 4PM Saturday, via Pivotal Weather

High pressure will keep us dry and sunny today, while northwesterly winds usher much cooler air into the region. Temperatures will remain in the upper 40s to right around 50° for our high, before they drop into the mid-30s overnight.

Saturday 7PM
WPC Surface Map, Valid 7PM Saturday, via NOAA

Sunday, April 10 – Mostly Cloudy; Slight Chance for Showers & Storms – High 66˚ / Sunday Night – Sct’d Showers & Storms – Low 55˚

Temperatures will start to make their way back to “normal” beginning Sunday, as winds shift to the south ahead of a warm frontal boundary. This warmer air doesn’t come without a price, however.

Temps and winds
NAM Temps and Winds, Valid 4PM Sunday, via Pivotal Weather

Winds will really start to pick up on Sunday, with gusts up to the 30-35 mph range possible. Cloud cover will also be prevalent for the majority of the day, with a slight chance of showers and storms beginning in the afternoon.

Sunday 7PM
WPC Surface Map, Valid 7PM Sunday, via Pivotal Weather

Temperatures during the day will hike back up into the mid-60s due to strong southwesterly flow on Sunday; lows will remain in the mid-50s overnight, as rain chances continue.

Monday, April 11 – Showers & Storms – High 68˚ / Monday Night – Showers & Storms – Low 44˚

Due to its orientation, the low pressure system in play will take its sweet, sweet time pushing out of the region. We will continue to be under the influence of the warm front on Monday, allowing temperatures to jump back into the 60s.

The southerly winds associated with the warm front will bring very moist air into our region, allowing for heavier rounds of precipitation. Monday and Monday night will be pretty soggy, as the cold front finally pushes its way through during the evening hours. The rain will stick around until early Tuesday morning.

Quantitative Precipitation Forecast, Valid 7AM Saturday to 7AM Tuesday, via NOAA

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