Cooler Temperatures in Bowling Green

Real-Time Bowling Green Weather Radar:

Thursday – Sct’d Showers;Cloudy – High 65˚ / Thursday Night – Sct’d Showers;Cloudy – Low 54˚

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Happy first day of October, Bowling Green! Well, how are we liking this cooler weather? And just in time for fall break for us WKU students! Unfortunately, it looks like with all this moisture pouring in from the Atlantic, the clouds are gonna stick around for the majority of the break. You might see a smile from the sun once or twice, but the forecast models suggest that mostly cloudy skies are a very real possibility for the next few days. As far as temperatures go, winds from the north are going to keep our temperatures below the normal for this time of year. Daytime highs will hover around the low to mid  60’s, and nighttime lows will be in the low to mid 50’s.

Forecast valid Thursday 18Z

WPC Surface Map via NOAA, Valid 1PM

There are some rain chances over the next few days, so bring an umbrella or rain jacket with you. However, these showers do look to be scattered, meaning that most of the day should be rain-free.

Friday – Showers; Cloudy – High 60˚ / Friday Night – Showers; Cloudy – Low 50˚

As the weekend approaches, chances for some pesky rain showers remain in the forecast, but temperatures continue to fall. (Haha funny pun!) An upper level low is centered right over the south and will continue to move eastward through the weekend. This will bring even more moisture and north winds to the region, causing the temperatures to remain cooler than normal. Highs will be right around 60, and, yes, it will be cloudy…again.

NAM 200 mb winds and heights valid 1 PM, via OWxData

For the evening, lows will hover right around 50 and, you guessed it, under cloudy skies. There is a chance for some rain showers during both the day and evening; however, they’ll be scattered and hopefully not ruin your day!

Throw in hurricane Joaquin and you’ve got yourself a big ole time! At this point, there is some uncertainty about how much precipitation our region will see from this hurricane, so we will be keeping a close eye on how the situation evolves. From the looks of it, I can’t rule out isolated showers in eastern Kentucky.


Saturday – Showers; Cloudy – High 59˚ / Saturday Night – Showers; Cloudy – Low 49˚

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Expect much of the same for Saturday with unseasonably cool temperatures, cloudy skies, small rain chances, and a slightly chilly north wind. Highs will be around 60 and lows will be near 50. Again, it’s gonna be cloudy and cool, so maybe think about bringing a light jacket with you if you go out.

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Welp, that’s it for me! Y’all make sure to stay tuned for more information on hurricane Joaquin and these lovely cool, fall temperatures!

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