Rainy, Gloomy Weather in Bowling Green

As we head into the next few days, the cloudy skies and chance for showers look like they’ll stick around longer than we previously thought! While we were all sleeping, several inches of rain fell in Bowling Green; these precipitation readings varied across the county.

As of 9:00 AM, here are the rainfall totals since midnight:

Corvette Plant Mesonet: 3.11 inches

Ag Farm Mesonet: 1.16 inches

Bowling Green Airport: 2.39 inches

We’re definitely trying to catch up from the rain deficit we’ve experienced this month for the last day of September! Upper-level lows, and now Hurricane Joaquin, will keep Fall Break for WKU students a wet one. We will continue to monitor these systems and their interactions with our area over the next several days.