Cooler Temperatures On the Way

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar

Today – Sct’d Storms & Partly Sunny; High 91˚ / Tonight –Sct’d Storms & Mostly Cloudy; Low 74˚

Howdy, Bowling Green! To be completely honest, it’s gonna be HOT today! Highs will be in the low 90’s with very high humidity. Heat index values could be as high as 102˚, so please be careful out there! Drink plenty of water and take breaks when necessary. With all of this heat and moisture in the atmosphere, be prepared for scattered showers and thunderstorms to pop up in the afternoon and evening.

WPC Surface Map valid 1 PM Wednesday, via NOAA

Lows for the evening will be in the mid 70’s under mostly cloudy skies. Again, be prepared for scattered showers and thunderstorms to bother you during the evening. Some good news, when this cold front passes through the region, we just might be lookin at some cooler temperatures and…lower humidity!

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Thursday – Sct’d Showers; Becoming Mostly Sunny; High 88˚ / Thursday Night – Mostly Clear; Low 68˚

As the cold front pushes through our region during the early morning hours, you will feel the temperatures actually become reasonable. Even the dewpoints will be lower, meaning that you can walk outside and not become a puddle of water. Highs will be in the upper 80’s under mostly sunny skies, however, there could be some scattered showers in the morning.  Those pesky rain showers are just the worst!

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I’m really not sure how your Thursday night could be more perfect. Lows will be in the upper 60’s under mostly clear skies. There doesn’t even look to be any rain in the forecast. It looks to be a perfectly perfect evening, so get out there and enjoy it! Like, I’m not even sure I can finish this post because I’m so excited for Thursday night!

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Friday –  Sunny; High 87˚ / Friday Night – Mostly Clear; Low 68˚

Whew! You made it! Your almost-weekend-forecast looks to be the same as Thursday, except there is no rain in the forecast! Highs will be in the upper 80’s under sunny skies and humidity will still be low, so you can actually breathe outside!

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For your Friday night, lows will be in the upper 60’s under mostly clear skies. Again, it looks to be a perfect evening, so go out and have a good time!

Well, that’s it for me! Y’all have an awesome rest of the week!

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