Ice Caves in Michigan

There are a series of caves along the coast of Michigan and Lake Superior. The cave located in Grand Island, Michigan has become quite famous for the stunning photos that come from it during the winter season, when it freezes over. According to Things to do in the UP:

Grand Island, or at least its southeastern shoreline, harbors a seasonal secret that’s only visible to intrepid visitors who don’t mind crossing 3,000 (or more, depending on where you start) feet of Lake Superior’s icy, snowy surface: the Grand Island ice caves.

With all due respect to the fine folks of northern Wisconsin, these caves are far more accessible – at least for those of us in the central and eastern U.P. – and just as impressive as their counterparts at the Apostle Islands. They’re also a bit larger and more dramatic than the nearby Eben ice caves, although those boast their own subtle brand of beauty.

Take a look at these amazing photos from the Grand Island Ice Cave(s)

I would hate for any of that to break loose! Frozen spears.